Monday, 28 September 2020


I have answered everything
without needing you to ask.

If only I was good at arranging words
and composing the best melodies
and possess a mellow, soothing voice to caress your soul,
I would write the finest lines to accompany you,
day and night.

Make room for yourself to be questioned,
are the same questions necessary to be repeated?
You should've known, 
everything I feel is for you
The emotion, the feeling that's engraved deep within me, 
they have no other reason but your existence.

I will say only the truth,
there is nothing untrue but the utter truth
how I want so badly,
every time your eyes kiss the morning
I'd sing those beautiful melodies
that you forged in my heart
those beautiful lines 
that you carve in the depths of my being
and every night before you fall asleep
I would never ignore those moments,
'cos forsaking you is a betrayal of myself.

How is it possible for me to fall asleep
if my soul fails to caress yours?
How is it feasible to sleep without your warm embrace?
When only by holding you tight till tomorrow comes,
simply and solely by waking up beside you,
with smiles etched on our lips,
blissfulness is mine and Heaven belongs to me.

There is nothing else I'm praying for
but to be with you,
living our life to the fullest
and relishing the love that has been granted to us.

I guess, we already understand what paradise is
and what it means to live in Heaven.

So, my love,
there`s no question;
You are my only passion.

  1. Whatever makes you happy
    Whatever you want
    You're so fuckin' special
    I wish I was special
    But I'm a creep
    I'm a weirdo
    What the hell am I doing here?
    I don't belong here.


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