Monday, 8 February 2016


First time I saw her, I feel I can read her mind
I can read her face, I can read her smile
I can even read her eyes
I see her when she’s sad
I see her when she’s down
I see her in everything she is
I can even feel her deep in my heart.

Sometimes she looks so happy
with a cute smile upon her face
but I think she’s lonely,
I think she’s crying inside
cos' sometimes her smile
makes me feel there’s something wrong
if she’d only knew
I wish I could read her soul.

First time I saw her, I feel her in my heart
The first time the feeling grows in my heart
when her eyes meet mine.
Then I look up at her face
there’s something happens in my soul
if she’d only knew
I wish she could read my mind.

But I feel so sorry
cos' that girl's gonna leave me
I know she’s going to go
I wonder if she’ll miss me,
I wonder if she’ll feel it
because I’m gonna miss her so

The day she says goodbye
I feel my heart starts to cry
there’s something missing in my life
God…please give me strength
to tell her what I’m feeling inside.

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