Monday, 8 February 2016


Feel like holding your hands, hold you tight

Lying in your arms all night
Give me a kiss, make me feel alive
Give me your heart to keep in mine
Give me a smile that lasts forever
A tender touch of love to make me better.

So many times I've been hurt before
No, I don't wanna break down any more
I tried so hard to let it go
I paid that high to win the show.

Now I'd like to say to you no matter what we face is through
Let's be honest to ourselves
In everything we do, we'll do only the best

Cos' nothing in this world is free
Even I love you, there's a price I have to pay
Nothing in this world is free, even I need you
Like the air that  I breathe
Even you love me
Even though... we are in love.

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