Tenggiling Ubi

Alone I sat by the window sill
watching the stars in the speckled sky
it dawns on me great nature's will
like the visions of my life.

Life's a wonder and it is wonderful
like a bridge that leads to no ends.

Life is full of challenges
of sacrifices, all inherent
in its secret missions.

My life is filled with excitements
with loneliness and boredom
just as sure.

The times I spent in all events
are memories I fondly treasure
successes and achievements
I'm proud to gain.

Though failures bring sadness and so much pain
the realities of life are relative.

Some gains, some losses
bring joy and grieves.

Like a child am I, though big am I
still groping in the dark to seek the light.

With a will that's strong
a mind's grown wise
I will learn and discover more from life.


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