Friday, 21 April 2017


When I need someone to share
my feelings and confusions.
you are the one who always there 
every second of the day
make me happy when I'm feeling blue.

There're so many things I wanna to say 
I'm eager to prove my love to you.
For you're the one who really cares,
Give me love that's so true.
I'm glad that I belong to you.

For you mean so much to me.
Without you, I don't think I can live
Cos you are all that I need.
You are the reason for me to breathe.  

In your heart I live, it's where my home is. 
A home full of love, passions and peace. 
A heaven sent for you and me. 
For us to taste its miracle and bliss.

We stare at the sun and make a wish
that will never be apart.
And together we will be,
it's the love for you and me.
A love that's made from our hearts. 

And forever we will be.
It's a love for you and me...
A love that's made from our hearts.

1996 - I wrote this song for my beautiful wife as we walk through adolescence years, creating memories hand in hand, writing histories full of love and affection.

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