Stepping Out

Ray FL

I won't blame you,

Baby, you have the right to speak out your mind
I just hope we can stop the fight
No, I won’t blame you for whatever's happening
for everything we face now
just let it out, just let it ends.

It’s OK honey, if you wanna step out
I don’t know where you’re heading
but I hope you’ll find what you want.
It’s your choice honey, I can’t do anything about that
It’s your right, what can I say?
I don’t wanna fight.

We spent many great years together
and we gave each other a very great life
Let me remind you if you’ve forgotten how
we show each other the beauty of life...

Now it’s over but I’m still here
and I’m thankful, I’m still alive.

Remember all that we’ve been through
all the laughter and tears that we share,
wasn’t it great, wasn’t it nice?
And I’m still glad because I had a great wife.

It’s OK honey, go on with your life
don’t you worry about me, I’ll be alright
Even now you’re leaving  and I’m speechless
but I wish you joy and happiness
and I wish you luck.

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