Ray FL

Whisper in the shadows, I confess my desire to unravel my love song. The vulnerability stings, but it stings sweetly. This clarity comes like a comet. I grasp it before it streaks back into the void.

I rest, knowing even the stinger needs resharpening. Says, "Don't mistake stillness for surrender. This lull is a cocoon, a space to weave stronger silk. Patience with yourself, patience with others - watch how the chrysalis reveals a butterfly you never knew you could be."

My passion, a dormant volcano, erupts. No longer cower in the shade of a dead-end journey. Says, "Unleash your fire, chase your wildest dreams, mould your touch into a crucible of creativity. 
The Universe roars its approval, follow the molten river within."

Empathy can be a double-edged sword. My heart mirrors the emotions of those around me, sometimes blurring my own lines. Today, I step back from the reflection and embrace the quiet space within. Feel my pulse, my own story.

Serendipity dances on my doorstep, a shy waltz waiting for my invitation. I open the door to let fate twirl me in its embrace. It sings, "unexpected encounters, forgotten wishes granted. Fortune smiles on the brave who chase the whispers of the unknown."

The road beckons but heed the whispers of the wind. Is it a siren song, luring me away from my purpose, or a gentle breeze urging me towards a hidden oasis? 

I discern the melody before I pack my bags and let intuition be my compass.


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