Sunday, 13 September 2020


There is nothing dispensable about our love
that is made of everything and completeness.
A little lie and wilfulness too.

As if you're trying to put me to test
it's only a game played by lovers
So why don't you and I,
place our dreams side by side?
And make them all come true
Savouring the meaning of love,
respect, trust and togetherness
Just the two of us, hand in hand
facing this world
in its beauty and ugly phase...

Love can only be felt with the presence of love.
Please do not enclose your love inside a case made of glass.
I will say it once again
no matter what it takes till there's nothing left
How my heart is filled with you.

Words of love just cannot get beyond my heart.
No matter how much I yearn to let you know,
my heart just can't get the upper hand.

In these lonely nights when I'm dying to see you
and yet I can't see you,
so I'm wondering under the roof of stars,
healing all the pain and restlessness
of a woman in love.

Let's greet the mornings together,
just the two of us, you and me, dear
for eternity...  please never say never...

You should make use of love
to feel the warmth of love.
Please don't let this feeling go,
let it grows, let it flows

If it takes forevermore
I'll never stop telling you this...
I know that you love me too.

Don't hesitate...
Say, "Yes."

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