Ray FL
When you left, you leave for a better place. 
This deceiving world does not deserve you.
If I've got a merit to have better, 
you definitely entitle to derive the best, 
only the finest. The greatest.

You didn't go. You'd stay, 
I know you would.
Unfortunately, the house can no longer afford
to provide you a comfortable home. 
But, you are still around, 
not only in the background.

I can feel your existence, your presence.
Your vibration. Your passion. 
You've gone no where, 
here you are, forever to stay. 
Your spirit knows no limit in my compassion, 
in my visions, my boundless soul, 
my quintessence.

In a storm, in the rain, thru' hurt and pain.
In bliss, in happiness, thru' laughers and tears. 
In my passions, in my heart, 
my brightest days and darkest nights, 
you are everywhere, keeping me warm
close to your heart.

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