Ray FL

A simple touch of your hand and everything is right.
The gentle way you look at me, when we kiss goodnight.
You've given me the freedom no other love has known
And now I thank you girl , thank you girl

The countless ways you've touched my hearti is more than I can say
The beauty that you've shown to metakes my breath away
A picture perfect painting, that's what our love is
And yes I need you so, and now I know

I've found a masterpiece in you, a work of art it's true
And I treasure you my love
I've found a masterpiec e in you a work of art it's true
And I treasure you...

Sometimes I wonder what I'd be had I not found you
A lost and lonely soul this world could show me nothing new
But now my life's a canvas painted with your love
And it will always be and now I see...

The two of us together through time we'll never part
This fairy tale we sharing is real inside our hearts
let it be forever, never let it end
this promise I do make
Heaven is ours to take

When I'm lost and insecure
you build me up and make me sure
that everything will turn out right
My love...

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