Saturday, 25 November 2017


"Don’t worry. I'm with you, through thick and thin. I promise, Honey. I promise you this because I love you, the real you. This love is real, no matter what people think and say. At the end, it is God to judge us. I love you, whoever you are... let me share this beautiful life, the inexplicable sensation granted by God, with you.”

She left me speechless… There were no words discharged from my mouth to reply her fervour, much less to deny her affections to me. There was no possibility to stop the flow. Our embrace recessed when she finally sat up, composing herself. I shadowed her to sit facing each other. The night was getting through, with her, imperceptible time elapsed. The moonlight gradually covered with dark heavy clouds, moved by the wind. The embers began to flicker, while the warmth remains unchanged. She took my hands, put them on her chest. Something in my heart says, “that’s the place I wish to rest in.”

 “I want you to discover, to explore this life with me. Let me be with you, hon... Marry me and let me be your wife. If the matter distracting you this much, please know that I am well aware of it. Yes, we won’t be able to have children, but let's take this as a challenge. We can adopt."
"It won't be the same..."
"Biologically, no. I can't deny that. But look, Honey. Many children left by their irresponsible parents, they need loving guardians, like us. They deserve a better life which God will, we can provide. The heterosexuals, sex outside marriage, abortion... can you see how thankful they are? Fucking around and have no guts to carry the responsibility. We’re nothing like that. Building a family is our intention, isn't it? That's the best offer we can make. Guarding our chastity, our dignity and we save it all only for the one we live and die for. It is not one night's pleasure… I'm giving myself to you, for us to create our own heaven, a family and if God willing, this love sure will last until the end of the endless. The Hereafter. Honey, you have my words.”
"Will they be us?"
"Certainly, they will be us. They will be Farah and Ray."

With her glowing eyes convincing me, the confession instigated an injury to my core. I couldn’t hold back my tears. Yes, I cried. I cried from my heart. I cried for her unpretentiousness, for the love she presents. And I cried for my own treason. I cried for losing myself into the delusion of my ego. Yes, confusions have betrayed my feelings.

She pulled me to her chest, providing me with a space to bury my face between her shoulder and her neck.
“Hon… don’t cry. Everything will be alright.”
With the patter of tears rolling down her shoulder, I fasten her body close to mine in a sturdy clasp. Why should I let the ego overshadowing myself? My heart is longing to admit the truth to a girl who was once my friend, who’s securely become my day and night ecstasy.

"Love will never lie, my heart. Shhh.... we'll be just fine."
I felt a gentle breath of love caressing my skin, the moment a most delicate respiration filled the entire interstitial of my heart
"I love you, Farah..."
My pride finally surrendered to the quintessence that whispering tenderly into my deepest sanity.

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