Monday, 27 November 2017


Just about five minutes waiting, as assured, my best friend punctually entered the room. Telling the truth, meeting her again after two weeks of gap certainly excites me. Wearing Levi’s top paired with blue Levi’s jeans, accompanied by Levi’s sunglasses on her hair, what more can I say? I’d rather let my heart do the elaboration. Sure enough, it’d explain exquisitely about the rapture experienced by my whole being at time it got struck by her look, the moment my eyes saw her entering the space. Considering that we have the same taste, I'm glad that we have so much in common. Levi’s is my favourite mark as well. Incidentally, I chose to wear 501 Levi’s jeans with navy blue Levi’s shirt. And yea, Polarised Ray-Ban Aviator is my all-time favourite shades. Her simplicity simply attracts me.

“Am I late, or you are earlier?” Asking me delightfully with her blazing smile, she extended her hand as she left a kiss on my cheek.
“I missed you,” those three words gently whispered in my ear as she embosomed my body before she placed herself by my side.
“Just arrived. It feels so long since I last saw you.”
“Simply say that you miss me too, hon.” This girl knows how to make me smile. 
“Thought I might be late since I needed to catch a cab. The driver is not available today.” She carried on with her words without expecting a response from me.
“I see. You should keep me informed so that I can pick you up.”
“Don’t worry about it hon, besides, it was unplanned. Almost forgot that my dad is heading up north today. Well, your brother will join us, right?”
"Yeah... he's always late. Hmm, would excuse me, please. I’ll be right back.” An idea swiftly crossed my mind.
“Where to?”
“Just a minute… Could you order me something? I’d like to have a mango juice and anything with beef, please."

Leaving her with a wink, I made my way out of the restaurant. A plan popped into my mind when I recall the wish she has once voiced. She said I should experience the feeling of a girl holding me from the back. Well, today, I will give her a present; a nice afternoon ride. Therefore, I went straight to a bikers' accessories store which I’m familiar with to buy another full-faced helmet for the girl I've been missing. My choice was Shoei, it suits mine. Stirred by her look when she put on my helmet over her head, the choice would surely fit her handsomely.

Chit chatting about school, holiday, and school again, it felt magnificent passing time with a perfect definition of beauty. Aside from some boring topic they picked up, I attempted to show my attentiveness listening to the conversation. The themes were nothing interesting to me, moreover, the dialogue left me wordless since I never cared much about the school and its activities. Talking about sport, clubs and things like that, yea… the subjects can never gain my attention. In all conscience, I was somewhat sleepy while they were all seemed very enjoy the talk. Even so, my full contemplation fixed on my best friend's voice, expressions, gestures, her beauty, of course. That was the best I managed to get along with, at least. To speak out the truth, I'm observing this girl, trying to analyse what’s behind her face, her eyes and her smile with a fervency to dive deeper into her inexhaustible thoughts. Her personality that I've been learning for over three years now. The lot I know and certain of is that she is a stunning woman who stole my heart at the first sight. A caring friend, gentle and soft, smart and bright and she owns a smile I can never resist nor describe.

“Something occurs in your mind and I reckon, I know what it is.” I was only able to shake my head. In point of fact, I was trying to not think about it.
“The matter we talked about last night, be frank with me, I’m open about it.”
Yea, maybe this girl is gifted with some kind of magic or something similar. Sometimes I hate it when she seems to be able perceiving everything about my emotion better than I do.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. Your fantasy is prodigious, I believe. Actually, I'm thinking about what to do after this. Will your driver pick you up later?”

What more can I say to refute the truth in the words she just said? She grinned, showing her beautiful white teeth. A smile full of certitude. She knows I'm lying.
“I'll grab a cab. Why?”
“Nothing, just asking… feeling not right to let a cab send my girl home. Anyway, you have suggestions?”
“Anything you wish. I’m wholly yours.” She reached out and touched my hand.
“I just want you to be happy honey, and I want to share the happiness, so let’s be happy together.” She lowered her arm along my shoulder and gently kiss my cheek. Somehow I know, she endeavours to cheer me up.

“What about a movie?” She recommended.
“Boring…” I shook my head.
“Games?” Another suggestion.
“Rather dreary.” Another disagreement.
“A dance?” Expressing her passion.
“Still early.” Somewhat excites me.
“Hmm, a kiss?” She winked.
“We will see.” That drew me a little smile, somewhat, blushing.

We left the restaurant and took a little walk around the shopping mall, from shop to shop, just watching around, seeing people, nothing much interesting.

“Do you want to go home now?”
“Still early.”
“Aren't you bored?”
“As long as you are with me, the answer is never.”
“I'm sorry, but I'm going home.” Just to see her reaction, I deliberately made up a situation.
“Oh, that’s genuinely nice of you. Thanks for the lunch anyway.” Look as if she understands me so well, she sensed that I was not serious.
“Ha, ha… Come…” I held her hand walking to the bike accessory shop.

“Excuse me. I'm picking up a helmet. Here is my receipt.” I passed the slip to one of the staff available. Leering at my girl, I caught her staring at me, smiling.
“So, this is yours, buddy. Let’s enjoy a ride.”
“Hon… Did you pay for this, just for a ride? Literally, 'A' ride?” She cracked a gag.
“This is no disposable helmet, you see.” I tapped my fingers on that new glossy black helmet and she laughed as she crossed her arm around me.
“So, it was not the loo, am I right?”
“It was the helmet, you are indeed, bright.”
I took out my electronic organizer again, but immediately she snatched it from me. I just watched her action and after a few seconds, she handed it back to me.

“Bought a helmet to take Farah for a ride, so that I could feel the sensation, experiencing a girl holding me from behind.”
That was what she noted down on my e-organizer and the sentence made me laugh.
“How is it possible that you seem to know everything occurs in my brain? Am I a book?”
“Do you think you look like one?”
Saying that she narrowed her beautiful brown eyes, staring at me from head to toe while holding her left hand on the chin.
“Hmm... Actually, you look somewhat like a biology textbook.” We burst into laughter again.
“Well, hon... It’s just that I have the enthusiasm to read and I’m reading you from every angle that you can never understand.” She added softly. I love the way she portrays her philosophies.
“Not yet.” Completed her sentence, she winked at me as she picked my nose.
“Sayang, I’d like to take you to my favourite place where I pass my time skipping school, after school or every time I feel down.”
“Sure, hon, take me anywhere you want. I'm always with you.”
Captivated by her beauty, my hand spontaneously reached out her face.
“Thanks, Farah.” I carelessly caressed her face as I fixed her hair before I landed my lips on her cheek and assisted her to put on the brand new helmet as we were standing face to face.

It was the very first time in my life I took a girl on my bike. To disprove the truth of a dream comes true is pointless. Life should be cherished at any given time and place. Now that I've found an amazing girl who values the yin in my yang, it's a waste to let the beauty untouched.

Supported by my shoulder, she climbed up on my beloved bike. My green innocent heart started to pound once she put her hands on my laps and I ended up with butterflies dancing in my stomach when she rested her chest upon my back, holding me close, as I rammed my machine parting the basement parking lot.
The feeling that I have for you is so strong
Been together so long and this could never be wrong

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