Ray FL

 “Honeythis will be our place from now on. Allow me to share your private playground.” She turned her body, facing me.
“Indeed, I'm in need.”
“If it is a yes, would you care for a camp? Tomorrow?” 
Her suggestion made my heart jumping in excitement. It’s been so long since I last camped here with my brother.

“Seriously?” Although it was a clear yes, still I needed assurance.
“There are things you should learn about me.”
“Which are?”
“Nature, music, arts… we have quite a number of things in common. We'll pick it up by and by, I'm sure. Somehow I have strong feelings that we are compatible. So, let’s watch the stars, fish, cook, and sing together, like a real scoutDoesn't that sound beautiful?”

Aren't you afraid?”
“Of what?”
“Of the darkness.”
“There’s always a glimpse of light in the dark.”
“You believe that?”
“Positively, as I believe there’s someone meant to carry the light.

And so it was time when the sun ready to say goodnight and the dusk slowly took its turn. No one owns the ability to make it linger. Picking up the same quotation once again, she reassured me that we have lots of tomorrows. Yes, tomorrow… and no one has the power to anticipate what tomorrow will bring. As a matter of fact, no one is prohibited to design a plan. While me, I won’t stop sketching, perhaps the next days, I would initiate a drafting. On any trail I am trekking, I began to realise that life is more than just a green and blue.


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