Ray FL

In your eyes, I see love shines
softly that I thought
it's gonna burn endlessly
but so sorry...
when it's just a memory now
still can feel your bright eyes smile
how do I know...

That I'm losing you somehow
even thou' the love I feel inside
is so strong
and I'm trying hard
to make it stronger every day
that I try so hard to make
our dreams come true
but now I know that it's just a nightmare
when all your lies take me there
I put all my trust on you
but you break it
like I don't have no heart at all
why, baby...?

There's nothing left but heartache and pain
I look at you and asking you, now
where's the love? Where's the promises
you break them,
I don't understand
well, tell me now ... why you break it?

I was wrong for I believe in you
I was wrong to put my trust in you
now I'm left with all the sadness
well, look at me now and tell me why
you're so untrue???

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