Ray FL

You think that you're too good
and you think that I should
listen to you in everything you say
and do just what you want me to do

I surely can listen to you all the time,
night and day we thru'
but please don't push me to do
what you ask cos now I'm tired of being used.

The whole world knows you have a very great smile
and I've been too proud standing by your side
and be someone special in your life
cos' for me there's no one else as wonderful as you.

You ask me this then you ask me that
I just say yes, don't wanna make you sad
but now for you, I really going mad
when you finally make me sad.

It's all when I know that you've done me wrong
when the truth is slowly coming on
when you're just using me to fill your leisure time
and when you find someone new ...
you just leave me alone.

You don't need to speak, you don't need to say
you don't need to explain what is going on
cos I know who I really am
I'm not that good to be with you
but that's me
that's the way I used to be.

Hey, I hate to hear your voice again
Hey, I hate looking at your face
and I hate to hear your explanation
and I hate everything about you.

Hey, I hate to see your great smile
cos' you smile at me only for a while
there's a kind of heartache
and hurt when I look at you
You bring this pain n its all because of you.

Hey, I hate to look into your eyes
so please don't you ever try to look at me again
Yes, I hate everything about you
cos' the world seems to laugh at me
whenever I'm with you
I hate you...!!!

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