Sunday, 10 October 2021


Only with you, the frame of mind and confusions materialised. Any thought again, you're my first of everything. The bewilderment and inferiority have drifted me away from the trace, constantly. Still and all, the time has finally fetched us very far. Despite everything, you keep it all for me. I wish I was wiser to read the poems written all over your face. Through times, we have been put to the test. Many years, but the affections remain unchanged. I’ve slipped away, but in the end, again, time, navigated me back to the coast I left where an expedition without you set off. I have walked millions of boulevards, I have sailed a million ceilings. Along the journey, my north star never faded to shine its light to guide me. It's you, Farhanna.
Accompanied by the tears shed all those years, I realise how time was wasted in such a way, while chances came firm and tight to portray the most beautiful piece of poetry for you. Deep down inside, I admitted the implication led into my life has gone a very great distance, unrestricted. There is no disagreement on how special a true friend can be. That confession has freed me from prolonged suffocation. We belong to each other, neither of us can deny the truth - neither of us wants to. We share all these, hand in hand, heart to heart, a splendid reality. Even from a distance, spaces won't have the chance to keep us apart. It's unexplainable magic how I am able to feel the touch and the deep look of your intense eyes, at the same time when my eyes caressing your face. Willingly compassion extracted in my soul as I fondle your heart with consciousness. 

Wherever you are... you are always in my heart. I love you in every thought, breath and step. Protecting you in every prayer, loving you in every tear. Holding you in every hope. Believing you in every trust. 

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

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