Ray FL

Happiness is the words you speak
After a few moments of silence
How long has it been?
Hey, glad to see you again. I missed you.
It’s time for reminiscing.

But allow me to start with how I feel
You know I love to be alone
But I hate to be alone without you.
I appreciate the silence
But without your voice, your laughter, 
even the tears you shed.
Silence is just a murderer.
I need your noise.

Glad to see you again, and stay.
Don’t ever go away.
Happiness is your presence, 
nothing beats this obsession.
That’s the best.

Remember the day we slipped on the snow?
When I kissed away the snow on your lips 
and licked them clean
Then on my chest, you lean
We walk thru the paths, till comes the spring
In my arms, you were swaying.
We swayed and flew to the summer sky
Then on my shoulder, you laid you head
Wrapping your arms neatly around my neck
And we kissed again.
Till all the leaves falling.
The snows lingering.

Happiness is the time we kiss
In any given time and place.
It’s a pleasure to meet you again.
We have passed the test of time.
And for good, never let us apart.

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