Ray FL

Kena difahamkan sometimes, tak semua benda perlu disuarakan. Sometimes some things are better kept untold. Dapat jadi kawan kau pun dah buat aku gembira, I didn't want to spoil our moments dengan benda-benda emosi camni, aku tak nak hilang kau... kau tau... worried to reveal what I feel 'cos I'm afraid of losing something I have won.
Tak tau aku nak cakap apa, Hanna...
Tak payah cakap pe pe, dgr je..cam diri kau yg selalu... Jom g tempat lain la. Pe kata kau? Kita g travel sama-sama, tak yah keje, habiskan duit pe yg ada ni, enjoy travelling. Aku dah bosan la hidup ni dgn rutin yg sama, jom Ray, next year, kau dan aku, kita travel start europe, kite g afrika pastu balik asia, kita g amerika.. pastu kita kawin, nak tak sayang?
Kalau aku kawin dgn kau mesti hari-hari kena bebel kan?
Dah kalau ko degil macam keldai memang la patut kubebelkan hari-hari.

Malam itu lagi...

I wonder if you will see me with the same eyes again after what I said. Don't take it to the heart, it was just a piece of memory safely kept deep within me.
And each has a story of their own.
Like a story that has never been told?
It is more than just a story, for it is too special to be just words, it is a masterpiece and a masterpiece expects nothing, not even a true appreciation.
That's how the beauty created with pure authenticity.
We fell for each other in a unique way. That tells a lot. You are simply an amazing lover after all. Through the bad and good times, I have no reason to let myself losing a great person who gives me a wonderful feeling, emotion, love, understanding... every beauty of life. You show me a lot. We grew up together more than just a lover, and we will grow old together, counting each day hand in hand, creating the best memory.
I'm glad that our relationship is getting stronger through every up and down. Come along in any relationship, it's just the way how we handle the situations. Knowing you all these years, the feelings I keep ever since, forgetting is not an easy thing to do. Sure enough, there is no reason to do that. Our love is more than just 'I love you'. We love each other intellectually, spiritually. In fact, we have done this long before without ever discussing the matter. Just like you, I find that there is no reason to letting go an amazing friend I have ever had. The love grows deep within us, it runs deep in the vein, it flows in our blood.
Tuliskan aku lagu, kau adalah lukisan aku. Abadi.
Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Aku cintakan kau, cahayaku. Selamat ulang tahun.
Mi cielo... soy tuyo. Estoy deseando que llegue maƱana como anticipƩ ayer.

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