Thursday, 15 August 2013


I bumped into Caroline in the library one day. Like me, she was alone, sitting in a corner. So, I decided to approach and greeted the girl. She seemed surprised and politely invited me to join her. I, of course, gladly accepted the offer. As far as I recall, I caught her a few times in the library, alone. However, that time I wasn’t brought in to her.

Since we accepted a few groups talking, hosted by Jacqui and a short conversation we had, I guess it is nice if I attempt to know her better. 

This young woman somehow excites me. Frankly, I really would like to befriend this girl. Perhaps the differing attitude from her friends inflicted the curiosity. A bit quiet, a sweet smile on her cute face, her natural look and her simplicity made me feel easy to talk with her. 

Unlike the other girls at school, to me, Caroline is decent and possesses a good manner, something distinctive and the most significant difference between her and her friends is her perseverance in the study. This attitude had loosened me up. 

The talk with Rosy and her gang somewhat mind-numbing, while, through the conversation with those girls, Caroline’s composure has drawn me a fine line to stand.

Without showing awkwardness, she explained about the research she’s doing. The assignment needs to be taken next week. As a reaction, without being asked, I told the young lady about the revision and assignment I received to prepare which must be filled out by weekends.

"I heard you are good at art and literature. Jacques showed me one of your poems."
That was hard to believe since I thought Jacqui was never interested in anything but to my surprise, she secretly shared my poem with this girl. I was startled.
"Really, did she?"
"Yes. I like the poem."
"Which one?"
"The Soul." 
"Ah, that one... it's not that good."
"It is to me, fascinating."

And so Caroline told me about her interest in literature and thinking to learn the discipline, as she knows that I am involved with literature. She did inquire me some details. I, who was very packed in literature and art, tried my best to expound her everything I have experienced. I tried to picture the singularity of literature, another flow of artwork. Telling her about my fondness to have a companionship as well as a partnership, I also stated that I have experienced none, sadly.

“Hmm, I would like to learn more about it, seriously. I do some writings, but I think they aren’t good enough. I have no clue…”
“Really?” Caroline nodded.
“So, in that instance, I’d like to pick up your work. We can share because I write too.” 

She didn’t get an arrangement but leaving me a grin upon her angelic expression. However, she voiced her incomprehension. As a science student, Caroline averred her thought that it seems a bit late to add to the subject of the A’ Level. 

Therefore, I enunciated out my opinion that there might still be time to make a decision and I'm backing her to articulate this issue with a teacher who certainly discerning and capable to clear the matter up for her. She concurred with my opinion and as a guarantee, I told her that I am willing to assist if she requires assistance.

We stayed there in the library finishing our task until it is about to close. Caroline, who was preoccupied with her work, didn’t notice that it was almost five, so I needed to alarm her. Fixing her hair by pulling out the hairband and tied her hair again, she smiled at me and asked me if I have anything to do after that. And then I told her that I am detached. 

As it was, I had no run with Rina that day. She has been informed early enough that I need to finish the assignments and for certain understand it very well. As a fact, she also has given us an assignment that needs to be submitted next week. 

Nevertheless, Rina and I managed to plan up a date, a footrace, a nice romantic dinner, even a dance. And I also managed to spend every Saturday night with her, within the responsibility of my study and her duty.

Feeling free, I invited Caroline for a snack which she accepted cheerfully. The first girl my age, from school, I have ever invited for a drink. I felt something different inside me. The feeling is rather unfamiliar compared to what I feel about Rina and Sophia, anyhow, I purely revel in it.

“Thanks, Andrey, for your apparent elucidation. As you can see, none of my friends is interested in anything regarding school… I don’t know… maybe to them, it's not that important..” 
Caroline finally expressed her thoughts about her friends.
“Hmm, same like my friend, Jacqui. I asked her to join me, but she showed no interest. Her grade sucked so badly… I’m worried about her, you know.”
“Yea, I can see… She’s your only friend.” I nodded, yes.
“I honestly like her. She’s amusing. She progressed me to talk. I appreciate her confidence in me.”
“Rosy broke her heart, I know and Gary is not a good person.”
“Yea, she told me about what had taken place between her and Rosy, but I know nothing about Gary.”
“You have been missing some things, Andrey."
"If it's OK, I'd like to know the things I've been missing."
 "Sure I can tell you. Only hold this between us. I don’t like speaking about other people, but I guess you and Jacqui should know about her. Rosy, Amy, Gina and Ivy, they all don’t have any idea that Gary is a drug addict, worse is she is also a dealer. But I reckon that some of the students know because my cousin told me that there are a few students from our school and also from the other schools who deal with her.”
“Oh Gosh… and the teachers know nothing about it?”
“I am not sure, but as far as we can see, she is free like nothing happens. So I assume that the school don’t know about her activity, only a few, her customers.”
“How did you find this out?”
“From my cousin’s friend who deals with her. My cousin told me to keep off from Gary.”
“We should keep Rosy and the other girls away from that dyke. Why didn’t you tell your friends? And does Gary know that you know about her crime?”
“I attempted to speak to the girls about the matter, but, they told me to clear up the chronicle since I have no evidence."

The news she conveyed made my heart unhappy. If possible, I don't want Carrie to mix with them anymore. Somehow I feel responsible for bringing her out of the alley.

"Rosy said that I envy her for having no boyfriend or a butch… or a girlfriend. Envy her for everything, that she is hotter than anybody else, smarter, richer… I don’t know… but honestly, I was never interested in such matters. Yea, it’s true I always hang with those girls, but the truth is… I am alone and Andrey… I actually worried if Rosy or the other asked Gary about what I told them.”
“Yea, you must be careful, Caroline. People like this is erratic. I'm getting worried about you. I think you should keep your distance from Gary, generally from the girls.”
“I do. That’s why I always refuse to hang out with them, even with Jacqui. I will rather be alone like this. Putting myself up in a seen trouble is not a wise thing to do.”
“Hmm… You got me. I mean … We can be friends, you know, we can hang out together if you like… like this… don’t get me wrong…” 
Caroline smiled at my unsure tone. In the nervousness that made me hesitate a little, there was a desire to get to know this girl even more closely.

“Don’t worry. I understand what you mean and I believe you are a good person.”
“I’ll speak to Jacqui about this. She seems clueless these days, disturbed by Rosy’s betrayal. I pity my friend but on the other hand, she is to blame for taking it too seriously with Rosy. I don’t like that bloody lips, frankly saying.” She chuckled softly.
“Yea… and I wonder what did Jacqui sees in her that she becomes crazy like that. As for Gary, it was not a surprise because she is a flirty type, never called for anything seriously regarding girls. But you see Andrey... actually, I think Jacqui is nicer and looking better than Gary. I don’t know which part that Rosy has missed. Gary is horrible.”
“We are too young to get involved in something like this.”
“Agreed. I have never been in love or liking someone like my friends do. Somehow, I don’t see the point.”
“Yea, that’s right, Caroline.”
“You can call me Carrie.”
“Carrie, that’s nice. Well, that’s totally right… some of them like to flirt, fuck around, things like these were never my style. I think we hold the same point here.”
“Yes, I can see how you are. If it’s not Jacqui, you wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag to me.” We laughed.

Caroline, however, had to say goodbye when it was half-past six. She said she’s not allowed to be outside after that hour, except if she is accompanied by an elder family member. Somehow, I was happy to hear that and I would be glad to offer her a ride if I had an extra helmet, unfortunately, the only extra helmet I have is Rina’s. I laughed at my own self. Rina…all of sudden, I miss that name, the eyes, the face, the kiss, and her warmth, her everything... And as I sent Caroline to fetch a cab, I decided to stop off her place.

“Rina, why did you need to put up some other cargo on my brain? I expended the whole afternoon in the library, you see… completing your assignment. Now I need to lay down, my back is so hurt and my 
heart is aching from missing you…” I complained as soon as she opened the door for me, holding me tight and kissed my cheek, smiling at my sigh, and then she followed me as I walked lazily upstairs to her bedroom. I reclined myself on her bed, she sat next to me, gazing at my face and teased me, “you are just lazy. I should have given you more than that.”
“Oh, no… please… I had enough.” I reached her hand and put it on my chest.
“Can you hear it?”
“My heart says, ‘I need a break, Rina… please, please, please’.” 

My anecdote made her laugh and then she put her head on my chest, as though she is taking heed to my affection. I took the chance to caress her hair. Only God knows how I miss her, her smell, her touch… every day, all the time.

“I heard something else,” she looked up at my face with her right hand caressing my cheek. I lifted up my brow, demanding the answer.
“It said, ‘I missed you Rina, please kiss me, kiss me, kiss me… please’.” She resumed with an undeniably remarkable smile with her eyes glow.
“So?” I inquired, stroking her back softly.
“So what?” Her fingers started to play with my hair, conveying me a feeling I was not able to conceal.
“What are you waiting for?”
“For what?”
“Hmm… Rina, for this…” I kissed and bit her neck, breathed in her ear, “I’m addicted to you, teacher,” and my teacher allowed a response on my hairline with kisses.
“Tell me more.” 
Her quivering heart made a request as she let my hungry lips tasting her soft fragrant skin.

“You fill my nights with dreams, untouchable dreams only you can fulfil, while my days completed with songs and paintings. You are a masterpiece, my precious.” She stared at my face, into my eyes. Her eager senses have led her to kiss my lips, but I refused that kiss by kissing her shoulder. Wanting and waiting for more, she propelled her body on me.
“You are my delirium,” her breath between my neck and my shoulder has blown fire within my sanity.
“I want you more and more every day… why you do this to me?”
“Because I’m crazy about you.” 

My lips turned down her lips once again when my brain guiding them to nibble her earlobe. I felt the goosebumps on her skin as I caressed her nape.

“And you drive me crazy, don’t you know that?”
“Tell me more hon… I love the thrill.”
“I want you every night and day, Rina… I want to kiss you, feel you, taste you in every sense that I have, I want you to swim in my heart and dive into my limitless soul. Reach my love, I’m inspired to give.”
“Never stop, hon… entangled with the waves, we engulfed to the endless end. Flying with the wind, we grasp all the stars,” her words have reached the heart of my youth and in this fourth dimension when she strained to push her lips against mine, I just couldn't help anymore.

It has been three straight days Jacqui didn’t show up at school, without any notification, no news. Our class’ teacher asked me if I recognized anything about her, but I couldn’t provide the solution. My phone calls were never picked up, finally, she turned her phone totally off. I was vexed about my friend and decided to proceed to her home later after school that day, but I was not certain where she exactly lives for I have never been there. The only thing I know is the neighbourhood her house located, but I don’t have the full address. This initiated me to meet Carrie during recess. 

Like always, she was having her meal with the other girls and Gary was also there. So, I called Carrie to join me for a private talk. Her friends seemed nosy because never before I invited Carrie to sit with me during the break. Nevertheless, we just brushed off their questioning and dialogue.

“You know Jacqui has absent for three days at once. I need your help.”
“Yea, I know… The girls talk about it. I think something went wrong, but they choose to keep it discreet. I’ll help you with anything I can.”
“Thank you, Carrie. I tried to call her cell phone, but it is off and I don’t have her house phone number, not even have her address. Do you know where she lives? I have in mind, I know the neighbourhood, but not the precise address.”
“Oh, sorry Andrey, I likewise don’t have her address and I have never been there. Surely Rosy knows, I will ask her, what do you think?”
“Yes, please.” Carrie went off to meet her friends and for a moment she was talking alone with Rosy. From afar, Gary was looking at me, with a strange look. Subsequently, after a few moments, Carrie got back to me and gave me the address.
“Rosy said you are so stupid, don’t even know your best friend’s address,” she chuckled and tried to ease me, “I know you are not. Don’t bother what she said. Rosy always don’t use her brain when she spits a word.”
“Doesn’t matter. It’s Jacqui, what I am concerned about right away. What did the girls say about it?”
“Nothing. But I am reasonably certain that they are concealing something from me. So, you plan to go to her house today?”
“Yes, I will.”
“May I join?”
“Hmm… but your driver will pick you up and I don’t have an extra helmet.”
“I can inform my driver and my mum that I have some things to do. We catch a cab then, what say you?” 

I corresponded to her prompting. While we were busy talking about Jacqui, Rina came to our board.
“Hello, girls,” with a grin she greeted us, placed herself next to me, still smiling and raised her brows.
“Miss, this is Caroline, my friend from the other class.”
“Yes, I know… you are a Science student, aren’t you? I know you by the look since I have no discipline in your division. Nice to know you, anyway, Caroline.”
“Nice to know you too, Miss,” Caroline replied with her right hand approaching Rina’s.
“We were talking about Jacqui. You know three days and I have no idea where she has been, what happened to her…”
“Yea, the teachers tried to call her parents, but no answer at all. Have anything occurred lately?” I looked at Caroline, and back to Rina’s face.
“She had a small fight with her girlfriend. Rosy. There…” Rina turned her head slightly in the direction I pointed, turning her face back at me, she gleamed me a smile.
“Teenagers…” A simple comment before she led on, 
“I am still searching for the person who’s bothering you yet, it is not written on the record, and I couldn’t find the number. Did you receive any message from that number today?”
“Yes, every day, Miss. Here.” So I showed Rina the message.
“If this continues, I suggest you change your number, Andrey.” I nodded and told her that I was thinking to do the same.

We then went back to our classes when the recess was over and as agreed, Caroline and I will meet up at the parking lot after school.

Since three days of her absence, I was somewhat bored and lonely without Jacqui’s presence. Wondering about what might happen to her, I just couldn’t wait to investigate the case myself, with Caroline company. After her lecture, I met Rina to tell her about my plan which I didn’t want to speak about in front of Caroline.

“Hmm, I need to stay at the school today, have a few things to catch up after a meeting. Looks like we can’t race today, hon. Anyway, I will be home as soon as I'm done with work. I’ll text you.”
“Too bad…Well, I also have loads of homework, assignments to do… I can’t wait to finish school.”
“Not that long anymore, my love. And through the time, I will always stand by your side, to kiss away your boredom and be everything you need. I promise you this.”
"I know," staring at her face with a smile, I honestly love the way she expresses her affection and feelings towards me.
“I hope Jacqui is at home and nothing bad happened to her. I’m really worried.”
“Yea, I know, I can see how much you care about your babbling friend, lonely without her noise huh?”
“In any case, I also hope that it’s just her depression from loving a girl like Rosy. Please keep me posted, hon…and if you miss me, just knock on my door anytime you wish.” 

The teacher winked at me before she walked off to the office. I stared her from behind, mesmerised by the way she walks, how her body sways which remind me to every move she made when I love her.

Caroline was already there waiting for me, sitting on my bike, waiting and greeting me with her undeniable pretty girl’s smile. I like the way she looks, simple but adorable. Why didn’t I notice her presence earlier? Perhaps because I was lost in thought within my dream about Sophia and drifted away from Rina’s heavenly touch. We walked to the taxi stand and hailed the first cab that crossed by. I opened the door for her and directed the driver to the address given by Rosy.

Fifteen minutes drive, we finally reached Jacqui’s bungalow. It looks nothing different from mine, silent and still. The gate automatically opened within a ring of the bell. And a middle-aged woman was standing greeting us, she must be the maid of the house.
“Excuse me, madam… we are Jacqui’s school mates. Is Jacqui home?”
“Yes, she is upstairs.”
“Is Mr and Mrs Adam home?”
“No, they both on vacation, New Zealand.” 
Now I got it that Jacqui uses this opportunity to skip school. So we went upstairs to her bedroom as guided by her maid. The door was locked and when she opened the door her face is a total disaster.

“Gosh, bro, what went wrong with you?” I touched her face, there was a bruise on her left cheek. 
“Auch…” She pushed my hand and walked to her bed, placed herself there.
“Who did this?”
“So you both begin to date?” Brushing off my question, she answered me with a query.
“We care about you and Andrey asked me if I have your address, so I got it from Rosy, today. That’s the reason we are here.”
“Fuck Rosy, fuck that bitch. She is the reason for all this shit!!!”
“You should have called me, I am your friend, Jacques. Sure, I’m worried about you. Mr Harith asked me if I know what happened with you… I tried to call but your phone is off. Rina said the teacher couldn’t reach your house phone, no answer.”
“Yea, I pulled the cable off. I don’t require any intrusion.”
“But I am your friend, am I not? Now tell me. I will help you with anything I can. You should lodge a police report. This is serious.” She shook her head slightly.
“No, my parents shouldn’t get involved. Thank God they are on holiday.”
“Tell us, Jacqui. If it is about Rosy, as her friend and your friend, we are here to lean a hand. You shouldn't limit yourself like this. This is not healthy.”
“Gary did this to me. Rosy and I were out one night when she came and spoilt the moment. I tried to hold my patience, but when Gary started to slap Rosy, I lost my temper. So I punched this fucker and yea, we fought and this is what I got. Worst was… this stupid cunt, your friend, Carrie… she left me for that asshole after witnessing everything. Left me alone, like nothing happened.”
“Oh my God… Jacques, you really need to let yourself out of this trouble. Let her go, she’s just fooling you around,” said Caroline.
“I knew it, this must be related to Gary, that’s why they didn’t speak about the matter in front of me because they know I hate Gary… for the reason…” 

Her words stopped there. She looked at me as if she wanted me to continue to inform my friend about what she told me last week. Every bit I got the permission, I set off to relate everything I know to Jacqui and Carrie helped me to explicate the inside information.

“It's not a surprise… I heard the rumours, but, I don’t give a fuck about her activities, it is not my business. I only cared about Rosy and I never wanted her to waste herself for an asshole like that. I truly love this girl…”
“Yea, bro… love, but does she love you? If she loves you she won’t fetch you into any trouble, like this. See it clearly, Jacques, Rosy wasn’t the correct soul for you. Look what she did to you. It was not the first time she turned you down. Now she let Gary beat you, this is totally not right. This is too much. And have you ever give it a thought why Gary always appears every time you have a date with Rosy?”
“I’m sure, she told her… call me stupid or fool…” She heaved a sigh.
“Maybe Rosy involves with drugs now…” She continued.
“Why do you think so?”
“Ah… it’s your friends, Carrie. I bet you know it really well, those girls take ecstasy pills and all as if they chew their daily meal, you know their activities. It won’t be a surprise if Gary flies them to some other planet.”

The statement made me want to gaze into Carrie’s face, hoping for an answer which question wasn't asked.

“Yea, it is true, the girls involved with that… but not me Andrey, Jacques. Trust me, I have never been doing such a stupid thing.”
“I believe you are nothing like those chicks.” With honesty and confidence in her, I sincerely replied. Jacqui however, barely looking at us, with her mouth shut. Many things upsetting her mind, I pity her and I interpreted the position.

“Bro, may I stay at your place tonight?”
“Anytime. Just name it.” And so Jacqui said that she will come over my house later in the evening. She, of course, needs a companion, and after three days of absence, there are many things to catch up with, especially regarding school. My mind began to plan the things I should utter to her about. Hopefully, this time my friend will open up her spirit and intellect to understand matters from a different perspective. Sitting alone and lock herself up in the bedroom wouldn't help to any conclusion, but to build up depression within her battling reflection.

Caroline and I finally left Jacqui’s house after around two hours talking. Took a cab, I suggested sending her home before I fetch my bike at school, in which she agreed.

“You didn’t tell me about your friends… don’t get me wrong, Carrie. I believe you are nothing like them. It is not a new phenomenon that teenagers these days embroiled in such social problems.”
“Yea and I tried to advise them, sadly, it didn’t work, in fact, they said I am conservative. There are many things to tell Andrey… too many.”
“I’d like to discover if you let me… And Carrie, just give me a shout if you need someone to talk to.” And so I offered her my phone number. She reached her bag and took out her cell phone, keyed-in my number and left me a missed call.
“Thanks… so, I can call you or text you anytime I wish?” She asked sweetly, craving reassurance.
“You can shake up my sleep, no problem.”
“Thanks, Andrey, see you tomorrow.” She smiled as she came out of the taxi and through the mirror, I discovered her sticking out there in front of her house, waiting until the cab turned left and vanished from her vision.

I was already getting my way of entering the school’s gate when the cab driver approached me, patting my shoulder.
“Your cell phone, kid. Fell off on the back seat.” I was a little shock… it wasn't my phone, anyhow, I got hold of it, believing it belongs to Caroline.
“Thank you, Sir.” The taxi driver walked back to his taxi while I made my way to my bike. I took a look at the phone, it is on. Caroline was clumsy and careless. The phone must have been falling down when she noted my number. Thinking to dispatch the phone to her, my brain told me to do it later. Since I was a bit tired, I granted my brain’s suggestion to just go home and take a nap.

“Hello Andrey, how was school?” Asked my mum when I got home. She was entertaining her friends by the swimming pool, so I greeted them one by one with a handshake.
“School is getting better, Mum.” I gave a simple reply and asked her, “Is dad home?”
“Oh, don’t you know, your dad was outstation since yesterday? He is now in Moscow for a formal visit.” I nodded and excused myself, allowing my mum with her allies, but I twisted backwards to inform my mum about Jacqui’s visit.
“Oh, really? You truly have a friend? This is a piece of good news,” said my mum, cheerfully, understands that her daughter has none all this while.
“She just moved here, from the north. Her parents are both lawyer and doctor.”
“Great, I would like to know her. Since she will stay here overnight, we will have a nice dinner to welcome your friend.”
“Thanks, mum.”

I fell asleep until my cell phone woke me up, it was already five. With my eyes still closed, I tried to reach the gadget which lay on the side table. Idly, I spread out my eyes, but it wasn't my phone that rang. I have almost forgotten about Caroline’s phone which still dwells inside my pocket. When I took a look, the call was already hung up. So I scrolled down for the number of the missed call and tried to reach it using my phone. Something somehow thrilled me when the number I dialled is actually Carrie’s number. It was she who calls the phone, but whose phone is this? Possibly she has two phones… my brain told me. It's nothing weird about having two phones, they have even three. Anyway, for some reason, I voided my intention to call Caroline, instead, I set out to run through the second phone of hers. Came to my idea to have her second number, and so I dialled my own number from the phone. I smiled after I deleted the number I dialled, proceeding to my phone, to save her number. 

A surprise was waiting for me, woke my idling mode totally up, something I never gave a thought about and after everything that has happened all through the days, it seemed visiting Jacqui gave me a way to solve the mystery that has been distracting me all this time.

My heart raced, my mind blurred, confused, shocked, all in one. The surprise has answered the mysterious messages sent to me every day for the past few months. The phone I was holding is the phone used to send me those messages and it belongs to Caroline, an unsuspected suspect. I sat up on my bed, scrolling through the phone again, to the mailbox… Yes, there were messages she sent to me, also the messages I sent to her, my missed calls still on the log, another surprise, when I got through the album, there were pictures of me… Caroline… she is the psychopath…unbelievable, on the other hand, it is clear now that she is the enigma. Why??? Oh my God, why??? I really have no clue, while my brain actively thinking of what to do. For a moment my mind got numb, still hard for me to believe that it was Caroline who keeps track on me. 

The phone, at any rate, should be returned to her. How do I deal with the situation? Should I ask her directly, or keep this a secret? Should I let Jacqui know? Or maybe Rina? No, no, no… I won’t tell anybody. This thing should be patched up to me only. But what should I do now? What is the wisest thing to do? I wonder how her reaction would be when I pointed out this issue to her. She must be embarrassed, anxious, feeling guilty, uneasy… I don’t know. By hook or by crook, she has to face this, no compromise. She must take responsibility for her deeds. Anyway, I guess it is not a burden at all for the reason that I expect nothing much from her, but an honest clarification.

I got another look at the album, besides my pictures that secretly captured in every angle, there are a few photos of hers as well. Appearing at her picture, I thought to myself, what does this girl want from me? She seems really nice, harmless, very sweet, quiet, and I fairly respect her behaviour, politeness, and attitude. I recalled her word in the library that day. She said she has never been in love or liking someone, that she sees no point of the subject. I wonder in which direction this matter is leading her actually? Even though I was quite relieved when the mystery has revealed, still I couldn’t go off the end, in my unfathomable perplexity, in the bounds of my logical, from the beginning to the end of my conscience, throughout the soft spot of my affection, it was convoluted to believe that Caroline was the person I call a psychopath, who Jacqui called an asshole. What exactly was her point? Does she like me, want me or she merely enjoys the stir of bamboozling me? As much as possible, I tried to deflect detrimental judgements, therefore, I restored confidence again and again to unruffled myself, to think logically about the best and fairest way to deal with her in disentangling the complication. 

An appropriate time should be set for me and Carrie so that we can resolve the matter without fear and guilt. This might be a new thing for me to absorb, to discover, howsoever, it helps me to grow up, to practice my temperament by learning how to accomplish every issue with patience and confidence, for sure. I need to particularise the whole scenario profoundly. To put the intellect under the control of the heart and anger is not a healthy way to get to the bottom of any matter.

In the field of the curiosity that mystifying my mind, somehow, I'm sure Caroline will not going to flip a pretext.


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