Thursday, 1 August 2013


Saturday morning. Sunny day. Beautiful day. Hardly ever, I wake up this early on the weekend or during school holidays. When I opened up my eyes, it was nine in the morning. For a few minutes, I didn't move from the bed, just staring at the ceiling, evoking the lot I went through yesterday and the days before. School was good, improving. Sophia started to show her concern. The affection and love poured by Rina are getting stronger and deeper, I could not disallow the truth any longer. Dinner with my family was perfect. Dad was in high spirits while mum showed her love to me, to us. We needed that, me and my sisters. Andy too, for sure. It's sad, Andy couldn't make it to be with us last night, however, we managed to talk with him through a video call. 

Chances to employ quality time like that together with mummy and daddy very infrequently arise. With time, I became gradually mature to understand about their activities in carrying out the responsibility for the future of our family. They work hard for us, for the comfort of our living. I am nothing without them. It is incontestable that my father is quite strict and this at all times leaves me a feeling of self-doubtin' on every occasion I need to deal with him. I may not be a pleasant disposition for mum and dad, nevertheless, through what they showed last night, I can see a slight change in our relationship. The General did not raise the issue of how I dress. He put more emphasis regarding education and the design of the future, as well as my mother who planted the encouragement inside our hearts. I missed this harmony. I missed and I needed it very much, as much as I miss the tenderness illustrated by Rina. This steered me to dispatch her a simple line.

"Good morning, teacher." I smiled to myself as the message got delivered before I finally got up and walked to the window. I let the windows open, allowing fresh morning air and sunshine ventilating my bedroom. For a little while, I stood up by the window sill, looking outside, listening to the songs of the birds, which complements the lovely morning, transferring serenity into my senses at once. I left the window when my cell phone beeped, I was sure it was Rina. Merrily I grab the phone, thrilled to read the message.
"Good morning, honey. I'm still in bed, thinking of you.” A short reply, but warm enough to fill my heart with rhythm and song, with flowers and butterflies. Fuelled the desire to accomplish something that I have planned since a week ago.

I went downstairs, straight to our mini fitness studio near the swimming pool to perform a simple exercise. The facility provided by daddy for our family to workout, increasing and maintaining the stamina. Through the glass wall, I saw both my sisters swimming cheerfully. They waved to me when they saw me working out in that room. I approached them to say good morning.

"Where are mum and dad?”
"Upstairs. Andrey, are you not coming with us?”
"Where to?"
"Highland. Don’t you remember, we talked about it last night?”
“Oh, yea… but too bad, I can’t. I have extra tuitions this weekend. Can’t be cancelled.” I needed to make up an excuse.
“Yea, you told mum and dad last night,” said Amanda, the youngest in the family.
“OK, but I think you don’t have any excuse to swim with us, come,” Anastasia, without waiting for my reply, pulled my hand, consequently, I fell into the pool.
“Gosh, Ana… this is dangerous, I can’t swim.” I tried to help myself to the shallower part of the pool. They laughed at me.
“If you can’t, then learn.” I let my sisters joshing me. One way or another, I had not taken my bath yet, thus I allow myself soaking in there, the thinner part of the pool, just sitting, watching my sisters and did a casual talk with them both.

My parents and my two little sisters left for a short vacation around eleven and as informed, they will stay there until Monday.
“So both of you can be happy, permitted to skip school on Monday,” I said to my sisters and gave them a kiss on the cheek.
“Perhaps Tuesday too, don’t be jealous. The examination is over, it’s time to have a little fun,” replied Anastasia.
“Don’t skip school Andrey,” my mum reminding me.

I went to a florist to buy a bouquet of roses for Rina right after they left. Called to mind the conversation we had when I asked her for her address, I decided to send a surprise. I let the bouquet delivered to her with a card as a simple letter, enclosed with a poem that I wrote especially for her birthday, intoning my gratitude towards the love and the affection she offers me. To further the surprise, I set up a reservation at the same restaurant we had our first dinner, our 3rd of June. 

Tonight will be a special night. A special moment, for a special woman. I wished to render the best of me to her. Even though it is one day earlier, somehow, someway, I was convinced that Rina will appreciate engaging her birthday eve with me and I, in good conscience, did not wish to miss the countdown. Hence, I stated on the card, that I will pick her up at eight, be ready and look good. 

After making sure everything runs smoothly at the florist, I thenceforth went to pick up a little present for the birthday girl before I went to buy me a new suit since I had no idea what to wear for the special event. For some reason, I was assured that Rina will choose a green colour again, therefore, I bought myself a pair of dinner suit to harmonise with her choice. Every so often, I wonder why I do this and simply rejecting Sophia’s invitation, the one I waited with a boundless expectation, all this time, just to celebrate Rina's birthday of which supposed to be on Sunday actually. What is certain, through all this I began to apprehend that I am being taught to realise how essential Rina is to me.

Promptly at eight in the evening, I rang her bell and there she was, standing in her beautiful dark green dress, my presuming hit the point. She looked miraculous with an entrancing smile, enthralling me to take both her hands and kiss them.
“You look amazing, Rina.” I kissed her on the cheek, thus I got one in return.
“Too bad, on that dress, you won’t be able to climb on my bike…” She laughed. Therefore, I left my bike at her house and she drove us to the restaurant.

“I don’t drink tonight, don’t worry,” I answered a question that she didn’t ask.
“Thanks for the flower and the lovely card, hon. Did you write that stabbing poem?”
“Yes, miss. You made me bleed.”
“You are humbly romantic, I love that. Thank you, honey.”
“The test is for the best.”
“I thought you had a dinner date with Sophia tonight.”
“Actually, yes, but I told her I can’t… don’t want to miss the countdown.”
“What reason did you give her?”
“No… I didn’t tell her about celebrating your birthday. I said I have family matter. Don’t get me wrong, Rina, I would tell her the truth if you don’t mind... I just need your permission for I am afraid if...…”
Shhh….” She put her forefinger on my lips. 
“I understand, honey. No need explanation, here you are with me, enlighten the whole thing.”
“It’s your important day, evening… I don’t want to miss a second.” I pulled out my cell phone, so did she. For a moment we were busy typing.
“You do that too?” I asked.
“I learnt from you.” She passed her phone to me and I gave her mine. We laughed, reading each other’s note. When I returned to the main screen, I saw a picture of us, she selected as the wallpaper of her cell phone, the one captured by Andy during our first camp a few weeks ago. I smiled. This woman loves me. She truly loves me.

“Wine tonight, Miss?” The same waiter came to take our order.
“No, thanks.” We replied at the same time, laughing.

Our conversation that night was something contrastive, like a magical touch of the bottomless soul. As days went by, I sensed and perceived that my relationship with Rina is growing healthier, tougher and deeper. She knows exactly how and who I truly am, handling me wisely with sincerity. Her unique way of warming up the atmosphere has encircled me around her nub. This has raised a question mark in my mind, am I in love? 

The teacher, I like her. I cherish every moment spent with her and those moments have been embedded the pips deep within my essence. Something nameless, I had no idea what to call. Do I miss her? Yes, I do. It’s true. Every day I miss her, that makes my heart beat erratically each time I see her, no matter where, when and how… at school, at the park, everywhere. When she walks, when she talks. When she listens, when she gazes. In every simple thing she does, inch by inch, she sweeps away the feeling I feel about Sophia by showing me what truth truly is. I was unsure, I had no clue, but I do believe, that this intimacy has developed the affection within my heart. It has nurtured all the sense of being in love, left me no choice but to admit that love, slowly but surely starts to grow.

“Rina, remember I promised you, that I’ll take you to the river?”
“I never forget a word you said.”
“If you want to, if you have no other date or appointment, I’d like to take you there tomorrow.”
“Sure, why not? You are my permanent date, there’s no reason to deny such a good-looking idea. It’s Sunday, it’s my birthday. I’d be glad to share my days with my honey bunny.” 
She made me smile when she called me with that cute diminutive pet name.
“Well, it’s my pleasure to fulfil your wishes, bumblebee.”

In the same song again, I took her hand and guided her to the dance floor. Sober and clear this time, I wrapped her body neatly in my arms. We twirled very leisurely, lived every step, appreciating every note played in a lovely tune. I love what I’m feeling. Staring into her eyes, I witnessed love. The tenderness made me smile and when she smiled back at me, the passion reassured my emotion to kiss her soft blushing cheek. I let myself drifter to her scent, esteeming her soft breath in my ear. My heart raced, shivered. Affection was the only thing that permeated my conscience. Should I let this out? I hired my intuition to uncover the ambiguity.

As I proposed, she drove us to a place near the city, an open field in a hilly area after dinner. It was almost eleven. In an hour I will sing her a birthday song, this gonna be my first time ever. We took a place on the bench, facing the valley. Beautiful night view. Before us, there were shimmering lights while the stars twinkling up above us in the perfect night-time sky. The cool night breeze harmonised the wonders of nature, in the dim light of the moon behind the clouds.

“Cold?” The bus stop scene came into my eyes as I offered her my jacket.
“Thanks, hon, but I prefer your embrace.” She answered me very softly and that was definitely something I am dying to do.
“Starry night... I really love it and love it, even more, when we are together, like this.”
“Me too… I love enjoying nature like this.” I brought her in my arms, holding her tight as she requested, as I'm consistently eager to do.
“I’m not sure of what I feel, but Rina, there's one thing I can't deny. You are important to me... Is this love?”
She delivered no answer to my question other than looking at my face, beaming. My query made me a little ashamed. Why did I ask her that? Am I not the one who supposed to own the answer? My query hung there. We both took a silent moment enjoying the spectacular night offered by nature until my watched finally beeped, it's time to sing her the birthday song.

“Happy birthday, Catherina. May today be the beginning of many wonderful days to come.” 
I kissed her forehead and then I handed her a small box.
“A little gift… I don’t know what you like, but I hope you like this.” 
The little green box changed hands.
“Thanks, hon… Your presence alone is a beautiful gift.”
“You can unfold it later at home because right away, I have another surprise for you.” 
And so I rushed to the car, took out another box, the one I secretly put inside the trunk while she was upstairs picking up her cellphone. I then set up the box a bit further and ignited the fireworks that I bought early enough, especially for this event. Twenty four shoots, for her twenty-fourth birthday. Instead of a typical birthday cake and candles, this special woman should be lavished with unsurpassed care and concern. I hugged her closely in my arms, singing her the birthday song again.

“Andrey, this is so beautiful… It's the happiest moment in my life, the most pleasing birthday I have ever had. Truly, thank you for being so endearing to me, honey. Thank you…” She said with a grin and eyes glowing. The bliss mirrored on her face. Her arms embracing my neck. I saw small beads came out of her wistful eyes.
“Shhh…” I put my forefinger on her lips, gently caressing her face and brushing away those little tears from her eyes before I kiss her lips, underneath the shooting fireworks. Beneath the stars twinkling high above.

We went home after that. She invited me for a coffee, no rationality for a no. For about an hour, we sat in the living room having coffee and small talk. She showed me some pictures of her family and a picture of her cat as well.

“Ginger… when I got home from school, I saw her laying under the tree. Someone hit her and left her just like that.”
“Oh, so mean… I’m really sorry… what a cute kitty. Thinking to have another one?”
“It’s been seven months I live here alone without Ginger. I’m still thinking… I don’t want to lose again.”
“Yea, I understand that.” I gave her a squeeze.
“Come, let me show you something.” 
She took my hand and led me upstairs, to her bedroom.

“Mr Fauzi told me that you were looking for this,” she said and at the same time, I saw my painting hanging on the wall of her bedroom.
“It was not here that night...”
“Yea, you were drunk and fell asleep, so I put it away. Wasn’t ready to shock you.”
“I want the right person to have it. Let it stays there forever.” I replied and took her in my arms.
“It’s hard to see you at school without a trembling heart, you know?” She laughed.
“And you have a friend now… that Jacqui, she is so not like you, but I find it’s cute that you two can get along together.”
Haha, yea… she’s a babbler, but I like her spontaneous humour.”

Rina excused herself, taking her time for a shower. I used the moments to sit on the window sill, looking outside. Watching the darkness and the wide-open sky, recollecting the words she told me during our first camp. This window must be the place she sits on, gazing the stars alone through her lonely nights. Came into my mind, a woman as beautiful as she is, is not supposed to watch the sky alone. Her beauty should be esteemed in any given way. I feel proud and honoured to discern that she wishes for me to spend her time with.

“How many shooting stars have you counted?” 
I turned around, looking at her. She came out wearing a green nightgown.
“None, a bit cloudy now,” I said while closing the window.
“How do you know I like green?” I walked towards her who is drying her hair.
“I don’t… it’s just my favourite colour.” 
My heart swelled to hear the answer. How true it seems to be that the teacher and I give the impression of our existence in this world to complement each other.
“You wanna sleep on that suit?”
“Oh… I think I should go home now.” I deliberately designed the answer, to attract her attention solely. Whereas, clearly I already knew that she would never let me go and me, myself don't want to go.
“What? Home? Haha, you will stay.” Her eyes narrowed as she threw the towel on my face. I caught the towel and threw it back at her.
“Is it a request?”
“No, it’s a command. Here are you changing clothes. Go and refresh yourself.”
“Are you wearing something like this?”
“No, I bought it for you. Believe it or not, since the sleepover, I got the idea, in case you get drunk again.”
“So organised.”             

I came out of the bathroom, feeling fresh and clean. She was reading under candlelight with a soft instrumental song filling the air. I'm familiar with that piece, Matrimonio de Amor by Richard Clayderman. I approached the bed and sat next to her. Observing her from head to toe, the beauty I can never relate. There’s no word to describe her allure. Spontaneously, I reached her hand and put down her book. She looked at me, took the book and rest it on her bedside table.

“Happy birthday, teacher.” I kissed her hands. They smell so good. The smell of the lotion she applied to her skin.
“I love candlelight and scent.”
“I know, Andy told me.” Sitting face to face, we let our fingers intertwined.
 “You know, hon… my ex never treated me like you do. Even though there’s no string attached between us, with respect, you treat me in a very special way. I love your gentleness.”
“Is she also a butch?”
“She always confuses what she really is. ‘A butch wannabe'. I don’t know… I never really cared about it. What matters to me is the person inside, butch or femme does not a matter to me as long as they know who they are, what they want. Sincere and firm in everything they said and done. But, she was never certain of anything. Love, yeaeverybody can say it, sadly, not everyone has the touch. Maybe that was her reason for being a bisexual. I don’t fancy a person who has no attitude of mind.”
“Sorry to know…”
“Naught to be sad. It was an experience and I learnt from it. Telling you the truth, honestly, I am happier since the breakup. The goodbye was the smartest and the most open, sincere, a wise word I’ve ever voiced her.”
“Was she the first?” She nodded.
“The second?”
“You." Confidently answered. 
"I found things I was looking for in you. Things that electrify me. You have a firm grip on principles. Hard for people to influence you. I love this strength.”
“You are my first of everything, Rina… Everything regarding emotions and sentiment... Perhaps more than that, I haven’t discovered yet, I’m eager to. Matters like this never took place in my life. Not before I got close to you. You know this is the first time I celebrate a girl’s birthday, besides my family. Never went out with a girl, never been so close like this, talk like this, never a bike ride, a dinner, let alone a kiss. You are my real teacher.”
Smiling at my confession, she said, “Fate has found us.”
“Have you ever been with a guy?” She laughed when I asked her that.
“Never. Like you, I came out to be gay, quite early. Since I was in high school, I started to realise that I am emotionally interested in girls. I remember, had a date with a boy, but the first date was the last. Guys, they have no kick for an excitement. You know, boring. Besides, I never attracted to guys, not at all. Don’t worry, hon. I never let a guy touch me. Never.”
Another strike, she can really read my mind.

“And your ex… what made you excited?”
“Well, she tried so hard to get me. We were friends and I don’t know… it happened just like that. She was famous in the university, I wasn’t comfortable about it, but she showed her determination, so I gave in. She is a good woman, but yea, she has her own obsessions that I can never tolerate."
"But you loved her..."
"Maybe I did... but who can stand holding a lover who tends to both directions? Not opinionated. She spoke of loyalty, on the other hand, she is more faithful to the will of her desire. I'm not a dummy.” She gave me a clear explanation, made me understand better of what's in her mind, seeing her real self in a closer view.

“I have never experienced a situation like this, however, I guess I understand how it feels. I don’t want to have a girl who does not possess 'stance, vague in seeing herself. Uncertain. Hesitant. Dubious. I think, people like us, we’ve got to really comprehend and mentally prepared for whatever complications and conflicts that will arise. Thus, a powerful viewpoint is very important. Anybody for it, actually.”
“I couldn’t agree more with you, honey. In whatever we wish to do, a firm standpoint is significant, for it sets up attitudes and routines.” 
My hands gripped tighter, hence I tighten my clutch, comfortable to touch and to be touched like that.
“Why me, Rina?”
“Because… you scratched my car.” Memories of the past few months rushed into my mind. She narrowed her eyes and smiled. I love it when she does that, it makes her look seductively sexy.
“Yea... sorry again, teacher.” She laughed and took my hand.
“It's OK,. I'm loving your idea, anyway. It has brought us closer, don't you think? You know, when I saw those scratches on my car, I knew it in that instance, that it was your job. Yea, I was a little angry, shockedbut then I gave it a thought, a long consideration, actually. "
"What was it?" 

"You opened up the ideas to make my way towards you, frankly. I decided to shut the case off, just to deal it with you in person, in our own way.” There were no words I could say to reply to her honest avowal. Again, I felt embarrassed, but then she continued, “I told you, hon… as a teacher, to me, dealing with a problematic student is a challenge, but as a woman is an eruption.
"You really know how to illustrate your philosophy. I'm getting used to it. Honestly, I find it passionate. One of the most beautiful side of you."
“I think the same about you. Your painting is silent poetry, a deeper philosophy. Only thoughtful eyes can hear and listen to its echos."
I believe this woman beyond the shadow of a doubt, has such a big heart. She always wants to make me feel comfortable being myself. All the weaknesses I have, that I see, she has covered them all with penetrating words. Those words have given me the courage to trust and value myself. 

"May I open my present now?” She asked. I nodded and then she took out that little green box from her purse. My teacher looked immensely happy and that broad smile of unfeigned delight glowed on her face has touched my deepest ego.
Ohh… it’s really beautiful, honey… you don’t have to do this… this is too much…”
“I know I don’t have to, but I want to. And no, Rinanever too much for a person who means so much.” 
I placed myself next to her and took the platinum necklace from her hand.
“Let me assist you.” Caressing her hair and brush them to her left shoulder, I put on the necklace around her neck. I made the necklace ready a week ago, engraved on the locket were our initials.
“It looks great on you. Perfection. I love it. Do you like it?”
“Anything from you is my treasure. In fact, you are. Never had I received things like this in my whole life.” She put her head on my shoulder and held my hand.
“I love you.”
“I know… I feel it.”
“I missed you so much, Andrey.” Tenderly, she embraced me.
“I missed you too… very much.” 

Our lips touched in that pure instant. The kiss I long for. Soft and affectionate, I admitted that I wanted her more than ever. The fire burning inside me as I caressed her arms. God, she is so soft. We broke the kiss, gazing into each other’s eyes.

I drew my fingers along her shoulder, adoring the smoothness of her skin. At that point, I passed through her arm, taking the trek of my fingertips to reach her hand. I touched her hand, kissing it again. The passion blazing deep within, emboldening me to kiss her arm in slow motion, proceeding upward to her shoulder, the part I love to converge. Finally, I placed my kiss on her neck. Her scent riveting my senses, detained me there for a while, adoring her softness with gentle kisses, inviting her hands to stroke my hair and caressing my back. She pulled me closer to her body. Her breath became heavy when I nibbled her neck up to her ear. My sight went back to her face, stirring her cheeks with my both hands and my thumbs began to rub her sensual lips. She kissed my fingers sexily with her seducing eyes fixed deep into mine.

“I really missed you,” I whispered into her eyes. They were glowing. With pain, with lust, with love, with trust.
“I missed you more.” She replied as she got her turn giving the sensation onto my neck. I put my arms around her, admiring her soft skin again. Stroking her hair, honouring her smell while she passionately made love with my neck. I felt her tongue rubbing slickly up and down my neckline, punctuated alternately by nipping it with fervour. My heart trembled, the shiver ran up my spine. A sigh of pleasure ascended from my lungs when she nibbled my earlobe, back to my lips again. I squeezed her tightly, running my hands around her neck and shoulder. 

As the flame scorching my soul, I parted her lips with my tongue, tempted to begin the exploration inside. She sucked my tongue very delicately, allowing me to do the same to her in rotation. This stimulated my hand to reach down, caressing, pampering her beautiful legs. From her feet to her lower legs, up to her thigh, my hand refused to leave those parts. I love to adore her, from her essence to her exterior. From her mind to her soul, I simply venerate her physical, her emotional. Herself. Inside and outside.

Her sigh revealed how much she relished the pleasure I applied to her soft silky skin, absorbing her entire soul. But then as my hand extended between her legs, at once, she twisted, stopping my intention to further the action by breaking the kiss, with a playful smile. Giving me a teasing look, she moved a little backwards. Ravishingly sexy, she pulled her nightgown up, taking it off, leaving her nothing other than that bra and panties. My innocent green heart didn’t expect this, nevertheless, my eyes dazzled by the beauty on display. There was never a moment in my life that my heart pounded this passionately, so excited. There are no words I could build up to elucidate the vibration that dominated my entire heart and soul. My body weakened in her warm embrace, in the meantime, it strengthens my vitality. The first time in my life, I beheld a woman undressing, in front of my eyes, this way. Half-naked. A woman who wants me, a woman who loves me for any rationale only she knows.

“Kiss my heart, hon.” Her seductive voice pleaded for me to continue. I laid her back carefully and then I went on kissing her face downwards to her neck, her shoulder, and finally rested on her chest. I could hear her heart throbbing. Her torso waved with a heavy breath, as I gave a kiss along her chest while my hand, making its way to caress her belly.
“Don’t be shy, honey,” she reassured me when she guided my hand to her breast. To ease my hand fondling her bosoms, she took her bra off. My right hand trembled when I positioned my first touch on her left breast, persuading my palm to gently rubbing her nipple, whilst my eyes couldn't stop gazing into her face while presenting this. Her eyes getting smaller, she bit her lower lip while her soft palm caressing my outline. 
 “Kiss them, hon…” She whispered in my ear. I got back to her breast, started to kiss her nipple, licked it and drew it slowly. It made her moans… her moan turned me enormously on.
“Yes, I love it...” She hissed and that invigorated me to further my action. Thus, I kissed her breast, fondling them one after another. Her erect nipples awaited readily for another touch while my tongue willingly to convey the pleasure. Nibbling her healthy breast, I glided the tip of my tongue on her erect pink nipple. I love the noise she made whenever I do this. 

Brushing in circle slow motion, she pressed my face closer to her naked chest at the same time her hands were busy messing my hair and scratching my back. Knowing that she needed more, I then sucked her nipple while the other hand fondling her right bust, giving both the sensation she yearned for. From her bosom, I ran my lips down to her abdomen, kissing and licking it while she continued stroking my hair. I played my tongue around her belly button, nipping, osculating and lapping her velvety skin. Her breath became heavier when I lowered down my exploration to her panties. However, she stopped my action when I intended to rest my face between her legs.

“Not yet, hon… come here.” She pulled me back to her with her tongue licking her lips and again, I embraced those sexy lips with mine. We drifted in a loving, passionate, deep kiss, whereas my hand never tired massaging her half-naked body.
“You look so sexy, Andrey. I love to see how your hair moves on my skin when you kiss my belly.” She smiled. A very seducing smile, biting her lower lip. I love to see every time she does that and I couldn’t help to kiss that smile again while her hand guiding my hand to travel down south, permitted my fingers to frolic between her legs. I pampered that part melodiously, experiencing the first touch’s sensation. The wetness soaking her panties. I felt the moisture on my finger, she respired a pleasure whine, drifted in my touch. Warm, my palm provided her slit with a tender massage in a bouncing heartbeat. I swear, my heart was about to explode. We gazed into each other’s expression. Every time I placed a little pressure between her slice, she hissed with eyes shut, tightening her grasp on my structure, biting my shoulder. I got goosebumps, my hairs bristling all over.

“I have never done this, Rina… are you sure?”
Shhhh….” My lips kissed again. Wild and warm. She pushed me up, sitting facing her. Slowly, she took off my shirt, it was time for me to expose my body. I was feeling ashamed and excited at the same time.
“You have a perfect build, hon. Beautiful. You worked out a lot, hmm?” She complimented, began to touch my shoulder.
“Perfectso soft…” I surrendered myself to her, to indulge and admire my frame, while my core esteeming every touch and affection she bestowed. She set her chest on my chest to feel each other’s skin.
“You are the first, Rina…”
“I know… I am proud to be, you know?” She whispered sexily in my ear, stealing a moment nibbling my earlobe. "I'm gonna make this a perfect gift for you, and only you."
“I feel proud to be loved by you.” I dragged her body closer to mine, so soft, warm… my hands ran up and down her back. Her neck, her spine… her waist, her hips… every inch of her body, she presented them all for me.

She sat on my lap, the position allowed me to fondle her breast again, allowing her hands to mess my hair, exploring my entire build.
“Hmm, honey… more…” She moaned, rubbing her body on mine.
“You like it?”
“I love it, give me more…” I bit her breast and sucked her nipple, gentle and wild. We swayed to the rhythm of our hearts, sensing the delectation of deep erogenous pleasure.
“I need more, honey… I want you so bad…” With that sigh and persuasion, how can I resist the temptation? Hence, I laid her down and took off her panties. She didn't say no, in fact, she helped out to totally undress me. Her hands crawled all over my flesh, while our lips declined to break the kiss. She has aroused my desire to continuously fondling and indulging her whole stimulating physique. My brain couldn’t think of anything else. I want her as much as she wants me. Our hands reached down every valley. I shuddered, she shivered, working her lips and tongue along my neck down to my shoulder, brushing her breast on mine, skin to skin. I lubricated my fingers by touching her niche, giving a sensational massage on her love button, feeling the vibration on my fingertips. She moaned in my ear and breathed on my skin.

“God, I swear, I truly love you, Andrey…” 
With a trembling voice, she whispered those words in my ear while extending her hand to my lower part. We stole a moment gazing into each other’s expression, before she pulled me down, collapsing on her nude body.
“Andrey, my love…” She whispered my name with her lips locked on mine. My heart pounded unstably when she did that, whenever her fingers kept on scratching my posterior and pressed my form closer to hers, grinding and swaying in the sense of love.
"Look at what you've done to me..."
 “Rina, my precious…” I buried my face between her neck and her shoulder.
“Let’s do it real slow, honey.”
“Let’s dance pretty slowly, my heart…”

It was a long night for me and Rina, our first night, my first time. Giving and taking, a submission of the soul, sharing a taste, living the pleasure. Have I fallen in love or love has made me fall? I was unsure what the precise answer is or perhaps I was too afraid to admit the veracity. The reality is the love she dedicates. Simply by showing me what love is, she opened my eyes to see and to feel every occurrence and circumstance thoroughly. The affection she engraved in my heart, piercing in my depth, unlocking my pride to rivet the longing and tenderness, combined into one solid attachment. Accepting and understanding something unexpected, appreciating every action, every smile and touch. Each and every simple sentence conveyed a profound denotation. Words are more than just words. The echoes of every word pierced in mind, not just a song, sung by a melody.

In her arms, I feel strong and weak at the same time. I attempted to give the best of me, but she has brought out the best of me, long before I managed to handle that. When she illustrates her love, she fetches me to places I have never explored. True, we will never know what surprises life has to offer and I am eager to see, what surprises of life are waiting for me.

I laid my head on her naked chest, listening to her bosom pulse, feeling great and touched at the same time. Great for the pleasure and the satisfaction that we created. A miracle that has never entered my imagination. This flawless experience is a perfect honourable gift, something that could never be erased from my memory, my being, my existence. It is the most precious gift in my life. An emblem of true love, not just with words, it is equipped with the evidence. Energised. Loved. I feel great to be granted with such a splendid love, from a wonderful woman who never once I brought in my dreams. Affected by the tenderness she injected, has impressed my deepest soul, a place where nobody has ever been. I am touched by her love sublime. The harmony has sown within my confused temperament, evolving myself to be the real me.

“I love you, honey.” 
I heard her enthralling voice breathing in my ear with a touch of her lips on my forehead. She smiled lovingly at me when I gazed into her peaceful face. Feeling save and secure, I tighten my embrace, praying that this correlation would last for the longest time.

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