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“Don’t take me home, please. I hate that house. You won’t know how great it hurts. It always feels so empty. Silence seems to be the only thing inhabiting the space. They are at all times not around, away and mostly disappear whenever I need them. The only thing they show support is topping up my bank account every month. That’s the way they care, I guess.” 

The wine effectively boosted up my talking mood. Rina, on the other hand, didn't interrupt, besides, she was all ears to every notion I expressed.

“The dinner is on me, Miss. Consider this as my gratitude to you for being a very indulgent teacher. I am such an asshole. You are my guardian angel.”
“No, I’ll take care of it. I'm the one who invited you.” I saw her calling the waiter and then settle the bill with a credit card.
“Let’s go, honey, you are getting drunk. I should have not let you.” She took my hand and we left the restaurant.

Despite the fact that I was a bit drunk, nevertheless, I was still clear-headed, enough to remember how she guided me to the car, tried to dodge me from tumbling. Carefully, she bolstered my shoulder and opened the car door, laid me down on the seat.

“It is a wonderful night tonight, isn't it, Rina? I have never felt so happy like this. Never in my life, have I felt so appreciated. You do really love me, don’t you, Rina?”
“Rest Andrey. I’ll drive you home.”
“No, please, Miss. Please don’t. I can’t go home in this condition. The General won’t like it. I will go through the mill for what happened tonight. My appearance was one thing, sneaking out from the event while he was introducing me to the establishment will definitely be his topic at dinner tomorrow. Please take me with you, wherever you wish to go. Allow me to be with you tonight. This is the greatest moment of my life. Let me stay with you, Rina.” I held her hand as I reclined on the seat.

I was not really clear what happened next, but when I woke up, I find myself lying down on a big comfortable bed, in a light blue painted room. Alone. Still complete on my tux, barefoot. Under the dim light, I saw frames of photos adorn her bedside table. Rina. She took me home. But where is she? I slid my back slowly up, trying to lean on the headboard, but the dizziness discouraged me to do that, so I laid myself down. That was actually the first time I get so drunk. I mean, I drank before, occasionally, but never was so heavy like that. It could be the frustration I encountered inclined me to do so.

Within my unconsciousness, I heard the door open and footsteps approaching the bed. Forcibly, I widen my eyes, I saw her, in a blue satin nightgown, looking at me with a smile. My sight, however, still fuzzy.

“I'm sorry honey, but I've got to do this.” 
I felt her hand taking off my tie and unbutton my jacket. She’s then moving my body to the side and taking the jacket off, also the vest and after that laid me on my back again. I fought so hard with my drowsiness to open my eyes wider. Her fingers reaching out the buttons of my shirt and started to undo them one by one. At that point, I immediately grabbed her hands to stop her further action.

“What are you doing?”
“Assisting you to change your clothes. You don’t want to sleep on that suit.” Struggling to sit up, she supported my body and gently leaned my back on the headboard.
“I can do it myself. I'm getting better now,” I said, rejecting her assistance to undress me. She laughed softly at my speech.

“Drink,” she handed me a cup of coffee.
“You drank too much. I'm sorry, I should have stopped you.” I reached the cup and tried to sip the coffee all the way down. Thirsty.
"Slowly, hon. It's still hot."
“Thanks anyway, Rina, for taking care of me.” I passed the half-empty cup to her.
“Don’t mention that. I always care for you no matter what the circumstances are, sober or drunk, happy or depressed. I will always do, honey. I promise you this.” 
She extended one hand and caressed my face.

“I need a shower, may I?”
“Oh, sure, you need that. I just took mine. Here are your night clothes and there is the bathroom. Take your time, I will read a bit.” And so I made my move to the bathroom, still feeling dizzy, nausea.
“Be careful, hon, don’t slip.”

I looked at myself in the mirror. My face reddens, and my hair was a mess. I look dreadful. Too weak to stand, I sat on the toilet bowl, feeling nausea. One thing that I hate the most is vomiting, but yea, it is for sure beyond my control. So I vomited, again and again. I fell down on the floor, my feeble hands tried to reach the water tab of the shower. The noise I made caught her attention.

“Andrey, are you OK?” I heard Rina knocking on the bathroom door.
“I’m fine, don’t worry, I’ll feel better after the shower.” I puked again. The water ran over my head, soaking my whole body. I felt so like a kid. Rina must be thinking the same.

“Better?” She placed the book she’s reading on the bedside table as soon as I came out from the bathroom. I nodded and walked to the bed.
“First time?”
“I was never drunk that much,” I answered honestly, moving to the opposite side of the bed, and sat down next to her. There was a bottle of mineral water standing on the bedside table. She must have left it there for me. I then reached the bottle for a sip.
“I’m off to bed now. Still dizzy. Could you please show me the room?” I gave my forehead a little massage.
“Room?” She giggled softly while fixing her evening gown, which exposing her legs up to her knees and half of her thighs, revealing her soft fair skin. I took a swift glance. Plainly nodded.
“Here is a room, why do you need extra privacy? Afraid? Too shy?” Leaving her no answer, I laid myself down next to her. Eyes closed. My head still whirling, the dizziness might stay for a little longer.

“Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite.”
“Where did you put my phone?” Suddenly my dad’s face came into my sight. They must be home by now, it was almost two in the morning.
“Here it is.”
“Is there any message or missed call?” I didn't grab the phone.
“Hmm, let me see… you have five missed calls from Adrian and hmm… three messages. Should I read them for you?” I nodded again, still with eyes closed.
“It was from Adrian; 'Bro, where the fucking hell you are? I was looking for you, dad was upset. Please reply me ASAP'. And the second message also from Adrian; 'Oh asshole, why didn’t you answer my calls? I’m worried about you. Mum keeps asking… what in the world you think you are doing?' The third message was from an unknown number… it said, 'if you have time during the holiday, I’d like to meet you someday'…” 

There she stopped. I opened up my eyes, looking at her, looking at me.
“Who was that supposed to be? This number is not on your list.” She stated. I reached the phone and read the message, tried to recall the number, but I had not a clue whose number it is.
“A girlfriend? A secret admirer, perhaps.” She added while straightening her back, impatiently waiting for my reaction.
“I really have no idea, this number is so unfamiliar. Maybe someone got the message sent by mistake. I’m sure it was not meant for me. And no name was written. Must be wrongly sent,” I said while texting my brother a simple message, informing him that I am OK and not to worry. Message delivered and I laid the phone on my chest, put my right hand back on my forehead, staring at the ceiling and shut my eyes again.

“But hon, it wouldn't be a surprise if someone intended to date you.”
“Yea… whoever it is…” Thoughtlessly, I replied to her estimation, showing no interest in the mysterious text message. Rina chuckled as she removed the phone from my chest and put it back on the bedside table. Afterwards, she gently took my hand away from my forehead before she rested her soft palm on my brow, caressing my hairline, attentively.

“Whoever it is, I’m somewhat, jealous, you know?” She said softly while continuing to caress and pamper me with a gentle touch along my forehead and hair. I felt vastly cosy when she caressed me like that. Other than my mum; (which only happened when I was a kid), I've never been caressed and coddled with so much affection by a woman, that way. Carried away by her touch, I felt her growing closer to me. Finally, she placed her lips on mine. A simple goodnight kiss before she switched off the light and took me in her arms.

“Good sleep, honey. Yes, I do really love you.” She whispered gently in my ear. This filled me with a very secure and comfortable feeling, in which encouraging me to put my arms around her. Our fingers joined together. My eyes narrowed. Little by little her face disappeared from my sight. The drowsiness and dizziness spur me to sleep. 

It was fifteen past ten when my phone rang, alarming my sleep. A bit annoyed, I reached my phone, it was Adrian. I was alone in bed. Doubtless, Rina woke up earlier than me and perhaps she is busy doing her chores.

“Fuck, Andrey… where the hell you are? Why didn’t you come home?”
“Fuck you too. I was so deep in sleep, you shocked me. I should have just let my phone off.”
“I'm worried about you. When we got home last night, you were not in your room. Mum was asking me many times. Let me guess, you attended your tuition last night, weren't you?”
“Haha… bingo.”
“Yea, I was right when I gave the same excuse to mum and dad. Are you planning to dwell there?”
I laughed again. “Please, pick me up… I need a change. My tux got soaking wet.”
“Gosh, what category of an extra education you had last night?” I cracked a big laugh with that reaction.
“This subject is not taught in any school, definitely not in your bloody science college.”
“Hmmm, I guess it’s my lucky day today.”
“Why so?”
“Don’t you want to introduce me to your Rina? I’ll be picking you up. It is not proper if you deny your big brother endorse the relationship.”
“She’s just a teacher, c’mon.”
“But my intuition tells me there must be something on the sly.”
“Whatever Andy. I will call you when I’m ready to leave.”
“Text me the address then.”
 “OK, see you, bro.”
“Take your time and enjoy your Rina.” The conversation ended. I threw the phone on the bed, pulling up the blanket and then I curled myself again, like a snake.

Once again, my sleep got interrupted when the sun extending its ray through the windows. I pushed the blanket aside and stretched while wiping my face with both hands. Feeling a little dizzy, I could sleep until the next day.

“Thank God, you are awake. I thought you fainted. It’s almost 12. You should refresh yourself.” Said Rina, while pulling up the shade on the other side of the bedroom, allowing bright light and fresh air to come through. I sat up and stretched again.
“Here’s the towel. I’ll wait downstairs.” I caught the towel she threw at me before she made her way to the door. It reminded me of her habit of throwing chalk at me in the classroom. That made me laugh and left a smile on my face.
“Sweet dreams?” My smile and small laugh stopped her and she turned to look at me. I shook my head.
“Why was the smile anyway?”
“Nothing… just somewhat blurred of what was happening last night.”
“Don’t worry, nothing happened to you. You slept like a baby. I didn’t bite. Not yet.” Winking, she left a naughty smile before she left me alone in her bedroom, reminiscing her touch last night. It was to me, a sweet lullaby. All of a sudden I felt strong and motivated. A glow of pleasure sneaking my heart, it feels a bit strange but, within the weird sentiment I was experiencing, there was a glimpse of hope that made me feel like my life has just begun.

I went straight downstairs, as soon as I refresh myself, looking for the teacher. She was sitting at the dining table, reading a book. There was some meal already prepared. Some fruits, orange juice and pasta.

“Miss…” Something prompted me to touch her shoulder, awaken her up from a deep focus on the book. She turned to me and as I flashed her a smile, she raised her eyebrows. Without saying a word, I wrapped my hands around her neck and kissed her on the shoulder before I took the opposite seat.

“You look fresh and happy." Responded to my action, she gave me a curious look.
“Yes, I am. Thank you for a wonderful night, Rina.”
"That’s great. Should be like that.” She poured me a cup of coffee.
“Our third of June, as you noted down on your phone.” Her alertness left a trace on my sanity. I reached my phone and took a look at the lines I entered on my PDA last night, smirking to the things I wrote.

“Oh, Miss, before I forgot… may I have your address, please?”
“Are you going to send me a love letter? Flowers, maybe?” She cracked a joke for my request. I giggled.
“Who knows… Well actually, I asked my brother to pick me up.”
“Hon, I can send you home, you don’t need to hassle your bro.”
“I know, but, I also need fresh clothes.” She nodded.
“I thought you wanted to stay longer here.”
“Perhaps next time.”

I texted Adrian the address and told him to pick me up at two pm but he sent me a reply, telling me he’s got something to do. So he might be a little late, which was actually OK for me since I started to feel comfortable to be with Rina.

“How old are you actually?” I asked the minute we hang around in the living room after lunch.
“Hmm, old enough to be certain of what I want.”
“C’mon Rina…”
“Around Miss  Davis' age… 23.”
“Sophia is my senior at the university by two years. 24, this coming July, the 10th. And you… let me guess… you are a Scorpio, November 12th, right?” I nodded. She checked on my detail, this showed the truthfulness of the words she sang to me the last few weeks.
“So, you and Sophia have been knowing each other quite long… hmm, does she know you really well?”
“She knows I’m gay. In fact, she knows my ex too.” This topic excites me. I knew it, I can learn many things from her. So I tried to dig about my crush.
“I see… so you both are good friends?”
“Hmm, not really… just hi and bye friends.” She left me a short answer and focusing on her book again. While my head centred on Sophia.

“Where is she living actually? Somewhere around here?”
“Why are you so excited to know about her?”
“Hmm… just asking… hmm, I… I don’t know what to talk about, so why don’t you pick up a topic then… My bro might be a little late.” I gave her an excuse. She put down the book she’s reading, ‘The Story of Art’ by Ernst Gombrich on the table.

“She’s a beautiful young lady, agree?” Rina responded to my response, relaxing her back on the sofa, looking straight to my face. I won't reveal the truth, definitely not to her, but from the way she looked at me, it seemed like she’s able to read me like a book.
“You are beautiful too,” as a substitute of giving a yes or no, I gave her a compliment and it came naturally from my heart. Seriously. I want to be good and gentle like Adrian.

“Come here,” she commanded. I was a little waver, but then again, she said, “here, by my side,” tapping on the cushion. My heart started to pound, however, I obeyed her command and placed myself right next to her as she wished.
“Let's talk a bit about school.” She started, turning her body facing me.
“Yes, please go on.”
“So, you take 5 subjects so far, right?”
“Yes, 5. Economics, biology, hmm… what else… geography, literature and chemistry.”
“Look hon, I want you to make a firm decision. Do you really hate economics or it is just because of me?”
“No Miss, not you. It’s the subject. Economics. Boring…”
“Well, I think after the semester break, you should drop it then. It’s already June, we’re approaching the next year in a blink of eyes. Your last year at school. Time is getting very close, you see. I'm concerned about you and I don’t want you to trouble yourself with something you don’t like. Do you have any plan for the next step after completing school?”
“I… I don’t know, Miss…”
“Rina.” She said while lowering her arm on my shoulder.
“I actually don’t have any plan… I just don’t want to see it.”
“Hon, this is important. Don’t you ever have a dream? An ambition? What you wish to be, to do when you leave school?” I shook my head.
“My dad wants me to walk through stony road. He said it's the only way we appreciate success. I am walking that road now. The A' Level is his challenge, actually.”
“Maybe you don’t care much about it now because your parents provide you with good allowance, comfortable life. But hon, one day, you are going to lead your own life. Think about what will be in the next 4, 5 years and the next coming years after. Will you still feel comfortable getting financial support from your parents? Or, will they keep on supporting you financially?” 

I agreed with all her saying. It’s not that I never thought about that, but actually, every time I think about the future, I always ended up in worries and darkness. For any reason, it was never clear.
"Sometimes I feel so encouraged to pursue the highest level of education. University, Degree. Master and maybe even PhD. But many of the time I feel discouraged. "
“Hmm… why?” She took my hand to join hers, relaxing on her lap. Our fingers intertwined in a firm grip.
“I don't know... Anyway, I’ll sleep on it and take care of this matter as soon as possible.” 
That was the only verse I managed to utter.
“Good. That’s my honey. I’ll give you full support in everything you want to do and all that you need.” She kissed my cheek. That made me blush, but her hand started to caress my blushing face and that made me feel somewhat nervous.

“Imagine... When you are done with school you’ll further your study in a university. I have no doubt about it, you will make it. After that you’ll start your career, having a hot girlfriend, own apartment, car, anything you wish to have in life, anything you like. Ruling your own world, your own life… No one is allowed to touch your privacy. Being as free as a bird.  Seeing this life with a different view. Perhaps, you'll be inflamed to pursue another level of education. Who knows, your girl-to-be is gonna be someone who'll give you the spark, inspired you to the greatest level that you alone can never imagine? Life is great hon and it will be wonderful to spend with someone we care, someone, we love.” She inhaled before she continued, exhaling, “and hopefully… you and I, we'll still be sitting together like this. I wish to be that girl, you know?” Her cheek started to caress mine with her fingers running on my neck. Again she gave me that vibration.

“Want to try it again?” Sexily, her lips were already touching mine while she was asking me this, obviously expecting no reply. I got a thunderstruck, couldn't think of anything better than giving in. A part of me was really excited, but the other part was unsure if it was right or wrong. Anyhow, my mind was completely controlled by her. She put me again under the spell of her magic kiss. Taking all the domination, she pressed her lips firmly against mine, and tenderly unlocking them with her tongue. I really had no clue of what to do. I have never been kissed, have never been touched. 

Stronger than the second kiss she gave me in her car, the kiss I was experiencing that time was factual booze. I couldn't help myself swaying to her rhythm. The motion of her tongue started to apply me the sensation, the magic. Our bodies were getting closer and closer, as the energy boosted inside me, to hold her tighter. Leading me to run my hands up and down her back, caressing her hair, inhaling her scent… Sensibly, she laid me down on the sofa and rested her chest on my enchanted body. We refused to break the kiss. In fact, the kiss growing wilder as she opened her mouth, allowing my tongue to explore inside, but fighting back to get inside my mouth, while my vivacious tongue was struggling in the exploration.

Ding… Dong… bell...

Someone was pressing the doorbell, stealing the sensation away, leading us back to reality. She exhaled, her face a little blushed, while me, wiping my face with both hands.
“Must be your brother,” she said quietly, fixing her top and her hair, gave me a seducing wink. I followed her as she walked to the door.

“Andy… I thought you need some time.” There was my brother standing in front of the door.
“No, I'm done.”
“Bro, here is my economics teacher, Miss Catherina Joseph. Miss, this is Adrian, my twin brother.” Adrian bowed and extended his hand to her.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss.” As his manner towards any other girl, Adrian left a kiss on Rina’s hand.
“Nice to know you, Adrian. Please, come in.” My brother smiled at me, raising his eyebrows and he whispered to me, “Haven’t you take a shower? Your hair is a mess.”
“Have a seat, Adrian.”
“Simply call me Andy, Miss.”
“What would you like to have, Andy? Hot or cold?”
“Anything you have, Miss. Thank you.” 
So Rina went away in the kitchen, leaving us both in the living room.

“My God, Andrey… She is a goddess. Was it her car you scratch?” I nodded.
“You asshole, how could you did that to such an amazing woman?”
Ahhh Andy, you didn't know how much she pissed me off.”
“You one lucky asshole, you know.” 
Rina came back with three glasses of orange juice.
“Please,” said Rina and took back her seat beside me.
“So Andy, your twin told me that you are now studying in a science college down south, how is it so far?”
“It is incredibly great, Miss. I feel very motivated day by day. I’ll struggle to achieve my dreams, to be a specialist one day.” With heart swelled with pride, my brother replied.
“I wish you good luck. Andrey is indeed a brilliant student. You know, it's just that economics is not her thing. But, she's doing very well in biology and the other subjects.” 

Honestly, I didn’t expect such honour from her in front of my brother but I sensed that she wants to approve my ability. This woman truly loves me, I thought to myself.
“Yes, I know my sister is smart, just lazy.” With that, they both laughed.
“You are absolutely right, Andy. That is what I always mention. Sleepyhead.”
“Oh, bro, here are your clothes…” My brother handed me a paper bag.
“So, you two have any plans for the holiday?”
“Hmm, not really.” We answered simultaneously.
“What about you, Miss?” Adrian seemed to be so excited talking to my teacher.
“Well, I got a few things to do regarding work. Being a teacher doesn’t mean I can enjoy holidays like you, students. But for sure my schedule is not that tight.” 
She answered, looking at my face, gazing into my eyes, like she always does.
“I can see that, Miss… hmm any way, perhaps we can meet up again before I go back to the campus, maybe?”
“Sure, why not. It is indeed a sounding idea.” Eagerly she answered while looking at me. “Don’t you think, hon?” She added. I looked at my brother who was smiling watching that scene.
“Oh, yes, Miss… it’s a great idea.” Turning back my sight to her, she was then resting her arm around my shoulder.

“Andrey, we have a family dinner tonight. Mum and dad are expecting you.”
“Dinner? Where?” I asked, pretending that I wasn’t expecting the dinner, although it was an unquestionable statement. Knowing that I could never escape, I was given no choice once again.
“Don’t worry, it’s not a formal one.”
“Just enjoy the dinner Andrey, and be good. If mum and dad ask you about last night, I will take care of it. Just mention my name.” Noticing my restlessness, Rina assured me with her provision.
“Miss, if you don’t mind, excuse me to change.” And so I made my way upstairs. I felt a little uneasy when I heard about family dinner. I could tell you, what will be going to happen.

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