Take The Lead Girl, I Will Follow

Ray FL

Right, you were right...
When you said I don't care that much
You said I refuse the touch.
Wrong... you were not wrong, 
You showed me where I belong
You keep singing me your song

True, it's so true
When you turned around I feel blue
And when you’re around I feel so true.

Deep, it’s so deep 
The tenderness I want to keep.
And I wish to keep you.

I know one thing named colours
In you, I see the pictures
It's painted all over,
You took my hand for an adventure
you said there's a lot to discover.

Tune the birdsong into a melody
You opened up my eyes to see
Each chord has the notes, 
They created harmony.
Just like you and me, 
creating memories.

Right, I was right…
When I held you tight all thru' the night and day
Come what may…
With every simple kiss and touch, we shared
Words become our prayers.

Take the lead, girl
I will follow.

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