Ray FL
What’s been up, I’m asking you
are you OK, dear?
I hope you’re doing fine like I do
do you miss me?
If you do, don’t be sad
I’m OK, dear.
Just a little bit tired with all
the stupid dumbshit motherfucker here.

Don’t worry, I’m telling you, honey, I’m fine
Things aren't that bad all the time
even sometimes I’m fading up
even sometimes I fuck them up
even sometimes I’m giving up
but I'll be OK.
Stupid dumbshit motherfucker
fuck them all nothing to bother.
Cos' them all stupid dumbshit motherfucker
I fuck them all up and I’m fucking miss you
I’m fucking miss you

But don’t you worry, I’m alright my dear
sometimes I feel so lonely
wish you were near me all the time
so you can kiss me, hold me all the time
all I need is you, you are mine.

I don’t even bother
about all the fucking shits over here
I’m feeling great because of you my dear
I'll be fine.

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