Sunday, 11 April 2010


I was resting, reading in bed after a long day, she was asleep next to me. Beautiful. She is my tranquillity. I smiled when she twitched.
“Hon, get some fresh milk, please, I’m craving for a homemade pizza.” 
The first sentence from her sexy lips when she awoke, wrapping her arm around me. I kissed her forehead and said, “Anything you wish, my heart.”
I went to a supermarket to fulfil my angel's request. One message came in after another.
“Hon, yeast.”
“Hon, tomato.”
“Honey, my love…. We need paprika too, don’t we?”
“I guess we also need olive oil.”
“Flour too, honey bunny.”
“I love you, beautiful.” And so I replied to each and every message sent to me.

Jangan dicari kesempurnaan, binalah ia. Jangan dikejar cinta, kerana semakin dikejar ia semakin jauh.

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