With you, I'm free.
I love you, Sofea... my baby.
Your eyes sparkling,
twinkling like the brightest  star.
Your smile shines
like the moon in the darkest hour.

I'd love to caress your hair,
kiss your smile,
hold you close to my heart
and let you feel every beat.
Listen to the melody of love I'm composing,
my longing, my hopes
and all my dreams.

You make my day and my night...
my life a peaceful place to live.
You have opened up every door
that so long has been sealed.

I'm glad it's you.
I'm proud to be the leading man
in all your dreams.
My Sofea. My baby.
My destiny.

SOFEA SOFEA Reviewed by Ray FL on Saturday, December 10, 2016 Rating: 5
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